Monday, 19 April 2010

I # Your Blog Too!!

I was very kindly given this award from a sweet subscriber who began following me because of my YouTube channel :)

We do have a few rules which are as follows:

1. Accept the award by posting the logo within your blog or post!
2. Share the love and link to the person whom you received this award from!
3. Pass the award onto 12 fellow bloggers!
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5. Let the nominees know they have received an award by commenting on their blog!

Great thanks to a gorgeous Louise from ***Sprinkle of Glitter*** who nominated me for this award! I do accept and you can click the name to shoot off to her blog!
(Also, sorry for making you want to buy stuff... I get so enthused about products, I forget what it might do to someone else's bank balance! Heck knows I've already ruined mine XD)

Right, now I can give this award to 12 lucky bloggers who I've come to love reading from!

Suzi's blog has always been one of glamour. I've met Suzi a couple of times before and she's so sweet and always looks so fashionable! She is a fashion student and she's such a popular girl :) Her blog is a fun read and always has some relaxing Asian music playing in the background!
This girl has introduced me to so many tunes!! Haha :D

My gosh. Helen has grown to be such a dear friend of mine and I have loved seeing her blog grow and develop right before I even got into the whole YouTube thing, which is over a year ago now! She deserves to have a lot more readers but I know she's happy doing her thing with her band of loyal followers! (That's not to say don't follow her ;) *hint hint*)
Helen's blog is really informative but its not like reading a text book in school. She keeps her writing fun and her personality shines through!

This blog is a fresh starting blog which an old friend of mine began a few weeks ago! There are only a few posts up, but they are a great read and I know she's got some amazing things lined up for us including some Indian bridal looks! Excited, much? Uh, yeah!!!

Ah, another fresh new blog! Vicky is so cute! Her posts are generally short and sweet which is great for on-the-go girls so you don't have to read rambling (such as me!) to get to the heart of the information. You can totally see how she's transformed so far and its amazing! I love the outfits she puts together and the looks she creates! Keep it up, girl :D

This girl also has mastered the short and sweet blog post thing :) I do often see a longer one from her too though! It's full of hauls and reviews and xOTD posts! (You know: NOTD, FOTD etc) Such a cute girly!

Boo's blog. Ah, something that is just fun to look at! (I hope mine's like that!) Some people have to have clean cut white and black blogs, but Boo's is so colourful and happy! She could write the most depressing post and it'll still be 100% happier than others I read! So whenever you need a quick optimism fix, head on over to a blog full of fashion and fun things :D
(Not to say that clean cut blogs aren't great either! Personal opinion here!)

This girl's writing is great. Very informative but still a light read. She's very good with updating her blog (unlike me) and seems to review every product she's tried! Amazing.
(She also managed to persuade me into finish reading Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella! I usually love Kinsella's books but this one hasn't really sparked me yet and I'm on chapter 4...)

Well, first of all, isn't Michelle's blog name just super cute? Don't you wish you'd have thought of it first? Haha! Yet another fashionable girl with great make up knowledge too! She's recently put up a post with some ace tips on beauty, so be sure to check it out!

I guessed that her name was Eve. It's totally not, just so you all know :P Well, before she actually told me in person, I didn't know this girl had a blog! She's a little more regular with blogging than her YouTube account as some working girls don't have too much time on their hands! Again, a very informative blogger and great detail in her makeup looks! I love the name of her blog, too!

My favourite part of this girl is the amount of amazing handbags (or purses in American English) she owns! Hopefully that's enough information for you to want to visit her blog :P She also dabbles in make up too! Convinced ya, haven't I? Hehe!!

Holly is a qualified journalist which I love because she knows how to write. Not to say that the other girls don't, but I've read in the past that all bloggers are not qualified to do this and Holly is the exception! Like I said, she knows how to write and so its always fun reading her blog. She's also annoyingly pretty and has a little buba called Lily! Awhhh!!

...and last, by but no means least,
Onna is a girl I began watching on YouTube and followed on to her blog. Unfortunately, she's just blogging at the moment but fortunately, her blog is great!! She's got that clean font on a white background thing down, but still keeps a little hint of colour at the sides showing off her playfulness :) She's currently on some missions before she goes to France in June so you can follow her progress with that and maybe pick up some tips along the way! Good luck, Onna!!

I hope you'll look through these blogs and enjoy reading them as much as I do :D And quite a few currently hold contests or giveaways for their readers so get in with a chance and follow them! If you stick around after, you might just find you start to love reading them too :P

Who's your favourite blogger??

Love love and bloglove!!
Toffee xXxXx