Tuesday, 27 September 2011

It was on a starry night NOTD

As a little present to myself (and because I had a £5 Boots voucher for No.7 - always pick up a new nail polish!) for passing my driving theory test, I got this little beaut.

It's name is 'Poolside Blue' which suits it right down, don'tcha think?

This is a picture under flash, and it does look a little like Denim by Nails Inc (and therefore OPI Ski Teal We Drop) but I think it's a very unique colour which is why I chose it over the others on the rack. 

(an old picture from an old blogpost!)

And in the shade, it looks very sea-blue. I used two coats to achieve this opacity but the polish has quite a thick formula. 

Although this colour is adorable, I thought it a little plain for me.

So I decided to jazz it up with a few gold stars! I was debating using white or yellow, but I spotted the gold in my collection and thought I was onto a winner!

* one coat OPI Matte Nail Envy
* one coat OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
* two coats No.7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Poolside Blue 310
* one stamp of stars myface.cosmetics Lil' Bling nail polish in Gilt-y
* one coat 17 Double Gloss Top Coat

This is the plate stamp I used for my fingernails.

And this for the thumbs :)

These plates are from MoYou which use a similar technique to Konad. 

What do you think of this colour and the stars??

Love love and starrylove!!
Toffee xXxXx

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Instagram (002)


This is my second instagram post :)

Cupcakes I made last weekend :)
Saw this top and thought of you!
Driving Theory is so boring!
The wonderful Abby drew me this picture of Flower from Bambi.
Abby's blog is abbzzw! Do check her out ;)

So I passed the "Car driving theory test" !!
And bought myself 'Poolside Blue' from No.7 as a prize :P
This is the malted husk shell of one of the crayfish my dad keeps.
Thought some of these pics were cool :) Not exactly one for each day, but there's 7 there.

Love love and instagramlove!!
Toffee xXxXx

Friday, 23 September 2011

Steady As She Rose NOTD

Everytime I read/say the name of this polish, I think of this song and this version by Corinne Bailey Rae :)

I'm not really sure how the name links to the Pirates of the Carribean collection which it is from, but nevertheless, this creamy lilac is a gorgeous colour I'm sure you'll agree.
[EDIT: I have been told "Steady as she goes" is a saying pirates say! So that's cool to find out. Thank you, you beautiful starlings!! Although, lilac isn't really a rose-y colour either...]

Steady As She Rose is wonderfully opaque in two coats and would probably suit most skin tones!

Here it is under flash lighting - it looks much less violet here and on the pinkier lilac side.

A gorgeous pastel shade which anyone would want in their collection :) The only downside for me is that the polish formula was a little thicker than I'd like and left streaks when I painted thinner coats. But I worked with it and I'm thinking I'm definitely going to bring this colour out again and again!

Do you have this polish? Same problem as I did? Let me know!

Love love and roselove!!
Toffee xXxXx

Thursday, 22 September 2011

It's MY Year NOTD (& giveaway! - closed)

Another gorgeous OPI polish I recently purchased from *sallybee* via eBay was this beautiful number from the Miss Universe collection.

When I saw this polish, it caught my eye and I knew I would need it in my collection sooner or later!

The beautiful gold foil glitter sits in a violet cream which would usually be a little to blue-ish for me. But the gold flecks gives the polish an almost duo-chrome look in the bottle and on the nails!

At this angle through a camera lens, you can clearly see the colour of the actual polish (as it looks like there's hardly any glitter) but it's actually hard to see this with the naked eye as any available light is grabbed by the gold and shot right back!

Above the sunlight is reflected and below the flash of the camera just bounces back!

And the standard blurred shot of all glitter polishes to show the shiny little particles that just makes each nail a little gem :)

So here you can clearly see the individual flecks on each nail, however, the polish is just packed with the shimmer so from whatever angle you look at it, it will shine!

It did take three coats to reach this opacity, which is rather unusual for an OPI polish for me (only two coats normally). 

However, this polish is so worth that extra coat! The formula is a little runnier that others, which is probably why it needs to be thicker. 

This polish reminds me of my first MAC eyeshadow (Trax) which is definitely one of the reasons I love it so!

Some of you may have noticed an abundant amount of posts between "It's MY Year" and "Rally Pretty Pink" from the Glam Slam collection by Serena Williams. I probably should've researched a little more before I purchased both of these, but nevertheless I did. 

I'd really like to say I can see a difference between the two (I think I can just about tell from looking at the bottles), but I can't house two polishes which are almost the same...

I've tested them on the nails and I really can't tell which is which... I guess I'm not as much of an OPI enthusiast as I thought! 

BUT, since I have this "extra" polish, I thought I'd throw out a little giveaway for my beautiful starlings :)

Please watch the video below which explains how you can enter!

* answer the question via the comments section of the video *
* one entry per person *
* be a subscriber to my YouTube channel *
* under 18's need permission from parent/guardian *
* leave your email address with your answer in the comment *
* open internationally *

The giveaway will end in one week (UK midnight, 27th September 2011) and don't forget to get permission to enter if you need to!

Love love and OPIlove!!
Toffee xXxXx

P.S. Do NOT comment your answer on this post - this will not count as an entry. 

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Instagram (pilot)

So I saw the lovely Daisy from Cupcakes & Cherries has started making picture posts using only instagram photos. 
Instagram is an iPhone app where you take a picture and then apply different "lenses" to get cool effects. 

This is her post that inspired me to create my own!

I've been using instagram for a while now and I love the "Lomo-fi" lens. 

Yummy fruity cider on a breezy summers day :)
Bleeding Heart flowers growing by the pond in our garden <3
Some lovely wooden treasures I picked up at the London Zoo ZSL gift shop!
Jenga and Jugs of Woowoo with friends.
Pimm's o'clock!
Rainbows make me happy :)
These strawberry slippers I got in Malaysia keep my tootsies warm.
I made China Rose Tea for the fam.
Trying to decide on which shoes to wear :P (went with the right)
This is Garfield, the ginger kitty. He's SO cute!!

So you'll find I mostly instagram pictures of my food, but there are some random things in there too!

These are just a random selection from my iPhone but I will try and do an instagram-a-day and post weekly - sound good? 

So I hope you enjoyed this! Let me know what you think (if I should keep it up or not...) !

P.S. My username on instagram is ling2p if you want to follow me!

Love love and instagramlove!!

Toffee xXxXx

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Cherries in Hollywood! NOTD

I was wandering around Selfridges the other day and of course had to grab a look at the OPI stand. I spotted this gorgeous gem from the Touring America collection and immediately thought I had to get it :)

I got mine off eBay because I knew it'd be cheaper than getting it there and then, and I didn't mind waiting a bit to save some cash.
(The seller I used was *sallybee* if you want to check out their products. The service was fast and the prices are quite reasonable and I believe they sell real OPI products.)

From afar, My Address is "Hollywood" looks like a strawberry pink cream shade but when you get a closer look, you start to see a rosy gold shimmer.

This is with flash, and you can already see the tiny shiny specs.

And without flash, you can clearly see how the light bounces off.

In the sunlight the mini glitter just sparkles!

I love the tiny glitter flecks in this polish and it just makes it extra special! I picked up the bottle for the colour, but the shimmer just adds that something extra which makes it a great (almost HG - holy grail) in my collection.

What do you think of this colour? Have you tried it?

Love love and hollywoodlove!!
Toffee xXxXx