Friday, 23 September 2011

Steady As She Rose NOTD

Everytime I read/say the name of this polish, I think of this song and this version by Corinne Bailey Rae :)

I'm not really sure how the name links to the Pirates of the Carribean collection which it is from, but nevertheless, this creamy lilac is a gorgeous colour I'm sure you'll agree.
[EDIT: I have been told "Steady as she goes" is a saying pirates say! So that's cool to find out. Thank you, you beautiful starlings!! Although, lilac isn't really a rose-y colour either...]

Steady As She Rose is wonderfully opaque in two coats and would probably suit most skin tones!

Here it is under flash lighting - it looks much less violet here and on the pinkier lilac side.

A gorgeous pastel shade which anyone would want in their collection :) The only downside for me is that the polish formula was a little thicker than I'd like and left streaks when I painted thinner coats. But I worked with it and I'm thinking I'm definitely going to bring this colour out again and again!

Do you have this polish? Same problem as I did? Let me know!

Love love and roselove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. I love this color. "Steady as she rose" is a saying that pirates use to say so I guess that's why they choose the name, I think it's a cute name. OPI never fails with their nail polish names. Haha

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  2. I second Michelle's explanation. Pretty polish. I almost got this one but ended up buying Mermaid's Tears instead

  3. 'Steady as she goes' - old naval saying.