Thursday, 15 September 2011

I love my Love ring! #

I don't believe I've shown you my first Love ring, but I picked up another one the other day so what better time to show you?
(NB: This post might be written like a short story :P)

I got the smaller one first, which I might have bought in Topshop (I had a quick Google and can't seem to find it anywhere!). I really enjoyed wearing this ring and I just thought it went with every outfit so I was wearing it all the time! Eventually, I was left with discolouration around the band which is to be expected so I began to just keep it for occasions.

I was always on the look out for another one to quickly snap up so I could wear one all the time and have another for back up purposes. But alas, it was sold out everywhere I looked.

I had given up hope of finding even a similar ring and had resorted to just having a browse every time I did enter a shop that might sell one...

And whilst I was out last Sunday spending some time with my ex-housemate, I stumbled across a larger version in Accessorize! Hurrah, I thought! But then my heart sank as I emptied the ring rail and put back each and everyone one because they were all Ms or Ls. Boo... but a shop assistant was nearby so I asked her if they might have one lurking in their stock room. "No, I just replenished the ring stock unfortunately." My hopes were dashed...

But then she said a few words that brightened me back up: "Do you want me to check if they have one at [other store location]?"
"Yes, please!" I exclaimed and she was on the phone within the minute. To my astonishment, they had one and she asked them to keep it behind the till for me. Ex-housemate and I ran (almost) across to the other store and got that ring!!

A few days after I got home, I decided to cover the ring in clear nail polish (17 Double Gloss Topcoat, to be exact) so it would be protected from discolouration. So far so good!

I am loving my Love rings! What about you??

Love love and loveringlove!!
Toffee xXxXx

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