Saturday, 28 May 2011

Lipstick on, time to rock! OOTD

So outfit from when I went to dinner with the girls :)

* Caged Heels from Summit, Malaysia
* Silver Sequinned Headband from Accesorize

* Red & Pink Floral Top from Lee, Topshop
* Black Bodycon Skirt from H&M
* Black Belt from New Look

And then I just added some black layers to keep me warm in the cool night air :)

* Long Black Cardigan from Topshop
* Black Pashmina from a random store

Love love and rockinglove!!
Toffee xXxXx

Thursday, 26 May 2011

I might die when I forget how to breathe OOTD

This was the day when the HOT guys in Abercrombie & Fitch made me blush :P

* Sunglasses from Primark
* Nude Vest Top from Primark

* Black Bow Playsuit from H&M

* Long Black Cardigan from Topshop
* Black Boots from H&M

* Gold Bangles from Primark

* Owl Ring from Accessorize?

Stopped by The Hummingbird Bakery for a cheeky red velvet cupcake :P

Fun fountains in Trafalgar Square :)

Enjoyed the sights of the London Eye

Said hello to ole Big Ben as it chimed 7 o'clock

And visited Westminster Abbey!

Love love and Londonlove!!
Toffee xXxXx

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Blue Ombre NOTD

So this is another way of doing ombre nails :)

I used five different shades of blue nail polish to achieve this look but all you need is a dark colour and a white!


* Barry M Nail Paint in 317 Blue Moon
* Barry M Nail Paint in 306 Blueberry Ice Cream
* Barry M Nail Paint in 294 Cyan Blue
* O.P.I. Nail Lacquer in Suzi Says Feng Shui
* O.P.I. Nail Lacquer in Ski Teal We Drop

With flash :)

If you are using the one dark polish method, mix in a drop of white before you apply to the next nail. This will ensure you have a perfect gradient colour scale.

Love love and blueombrelove!!
Toffee xXxXx

Monday, 23 May 2011

Haul: Little Trip to Westfield!

Stopped by Gilly Hicks!

These are beautiful to look at and feel so silky soft :)

Prettyful flowers!

Got myself a set of pink with blue flowers :) The bra is clipped at the back so it can be worn under racer back tops and the clasp is at the front!

And a new holiday bikini because I don't have any bandeau style and it would be nice to not have strap marks :P

I love that you can mix and match at Gilly Hicks! Or just buy the top and bottoms separately.

Picked up some Barry M Nail Paints too :)
L - R: 306 Blueberry Ice Cream, 294 Cyan Blue, 317 Blue Moon

Don't forget to pick up your Superdrug Beauty Card in store! I love that it's a little mirror right in your purse :P

Went to the zoo, so here is me holding a giraffe!!

Love love and giraffelove!!
Toffee xXxXx

Sunday, 22 May 2011

cute but psycho, things even out OOTD

On Thursday, it was wonderfully sunny so I went to the park and had a little play :)

Don't you just wish you could be a kid for a day sometimes?

* Polkadot Dress from Primark
* Cream Belt with Heart Buckle from Primark

* Long Black Cardigan from Topshop
* Sunglasses from Primark

* White Plimsoles from Primark
* White Trainer Liner Socks from ?

* Gold Bangles from H&M
* Black Mini Bag from Primark

Hope you all had lovely sunny days lately :D

Love love and polkadotlove!!
Toffee xXxXx

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Tequila Sunrise Ombre NOTD

Step-by-step guide to these gorgeous ombre nails anyone?

You got it!!

Step 1: Prepare your tools!
You will need a sponge big enough to cover your thumbnail tip, as this is the widest nail. I just cut up a new dish sponge (you can buy a pack of 4 for 17p in Sainsbury's) and cut off the scourer part.

Step 2: Paint the base coat onto your nails.
This is two coats to get the colour completely opaque and I have a base coat underneath to prevent staining and to prime the nails.

Step 3: Paint the sponge.
(I actually painted the sponge the wrong way round - not a big deal, just made the sponging part a little more difficult) Paint the base colour at the tip of the sponge and the colour you want to fade it into directly underneath.

Step 4: Sponge the nail tips.
Gently press the sponge onto the tip of your nail and lift it back off. Quickly build up to desired colour and repeat on all nails. Repaint the sponge when necessary.

The sponge may make the polish look bobbly but this is normal.

The next step will fix this :)

Step 5: Apply a single layer of top coat.
This will even out the polish giving it a cleaner gradient look. You can stop here if you like.

Step 6: Apply art decals.
I chose pale art decals as I thought the contrast against the bright colours would show nicely. I only applied to two nails.

(Mind the rubbish nail in the centre... I accidently got a dent in it!)

Step 7: Apply another layer (or five) of top coat.
This will seal the art decal in and make the nail feel smooth :)

And that's it!

Love love and ombrelove!!
Toffee xXxXx

Monday, 16 May 2011

If you like to tell me maybe OOTD

... just go ahead now :)

* Baby Pink Bow Grip I made (might start selling these soon!)
* Navy Blue Lace Dress from Roshi
* Black Belt from New Look
* Nude Tights with Black Hearts from Primark
* Black Suede Ankle High Cowboy Boots from New Look

* Navy Blue Blazer from New Look

The day was so lovely when I shot these pictures!

I had a lot of fun and loved how they turned out :D

I wore minimal make up so it wouldn't take away from the outfit.

I also left my hair quite plain for the same reason.

The lace softens the darkness of the navy blue colour and makes the outfit look super feminine!

*Russian Doll Necklace from Accessorize

There were too many shots I loved so here are some more :P

Hope you liked it :) Would love to hear your feedback in the comments!

Love love and bluelacelove!!
Toffee xXxXx