Sunday, 31 January 2010

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So Zoe (aka Zoella) has introduced me to blog lovin' and I have to say its pretty amazing! :D

Very excited for IMATs tomorrow and hope to see a few of you there :)

Love love and bloglovin'love!
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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

A day of Events! (Garnier & London Aussie!)

Hmmm... so I've been sat here with this new post open for about 12 minutes wondering how to start this... maybe I should just dive in! Just so you know, it will be a lot of photos!

So, I was invited to two events both happening yesterday. Luckily, both events were at very seperate times so I could make them :)

1. Garnier

In the email invite I received from the PR company was entitled "Garnier blogger breifing". They had a press event going on and so they invited us to go along to this venue and see the new products they're launching. Some of these are already in stores but others are setting sail at the end of January.

The main attraction of this huge launch is their new mineral deodorant. They had some very impressive statistics... this is mainly aimed at women at the moment (although I remember them saying a fragrance free product and a male alternative are in the pipelines!) and they product was given to 208 women to trial. It was all 70-80% with things like recommend to a friend and switch from their normal deodorant.

The set up was awesome! It was like taking us through a mini jungle adventure with the rocks from where the main new ingredient is derived from.

This ingredient is mineralite which when in its powder form takes a little over 60 seconds to soak a drop of water whereas talc powder would take around 8 minutes.

There are 6 variants, tailored to a certain need and each variant has its own scent. The variants: Silky (smooth underarms), Sensitive (hypoallergenic), Ultra Dry (ultimate protection), Extracare (depilated skin), Fresh (intense freshness) and Invisible (anti-white marks).

As well as the deodorants, Many other products are going to be launched too, including hair care, hair colourants, skin care and sun care too. So here are a few more pictures of things to come!!

All the display cases were really cute and matched the theme perfectly, especially at the venue because it was along the banks of the Thames river and it was so pretty as they were presenting the products to us :)

This sun oil is a vintage retro product which they've now brought into this new decade by adding in SPF sun protection and new easier packaging in the form of a spray bottle!

I'm sure many mothers (and daughters alike) will be wanting to get this off the shelves and onto the beaches, and now with the SPF protection, people won't feel so guilty about damaging their skin!

This product looks like it'll be a lot of fun. It's a quick mist of sun protection in a handy travel-size aerosol spray bottle so great for people who need quick on-the-go items!

This is the pot of aftersun I mentioned in my video (I will add at it the bottom when it's uploaded) which smells amazing! Very reminiscent of summer and holidays, so I think this one might be a big seller!

This next product is a natural instant self tanner, using apricot. [If you actually read what I write, good for you!! I know this post is super long but I just wander if people do read or just look at the pictures... but if you are reading this, please leave me a comment with "buttercup" somewhere in it :P thanks!!] It actually smells amazing because of this and I do know that some self tanners are off putting so this is one to look out for when it launches! It comes in two shades, so for the paler skin tones you won't go chocolate :P

There was a cool stand for the new roll-on which I talked about in my previous post and I'm still liking it so far!

They has a bowling alley set up which was really cool! Haha!! I had a go and managed to get all but two to topple over, 'banishing those dark circles' :P

Their Pure Active cool unisex range will be introducing a new product that looks scarier than it actually is :P

The bristles on the head of the bottle look quite sharp, don't they? But I assure you they're not. Super soft, they seem to be made of the same rubbery material that mascara wands (such as Rimmel Sexy Curves, L'Oreal Telescopic, Max Factor Masterpiece etc) are made of these days.

We left with a huge bag of deodorant (which I found funny) but each bag had different products inside :)

2. Aussie - London

Australia Day is the 26th January and so Aussie asked some bloggers to organize an event to celebrate :) There was also one in Leeds. But I'm not sure if there was another one or not... Anyway, the one I went to was hosted by Hannah (London--Rose), Amy (lipgloss86) and Jenny (The Style PA) at The Rainforest Cafe, on Shaftesbury Avenue.

So they planned a great evening with BBQ food, Australian sweets and chocolates, a nail technician, some free drinks and a bloggers catwalk show!! Not to mention a cute little goody bag to take home :D

(I hope one day this froggy will turn into my prince!)

Had a great time and met some great bloggers such as Kavita (iheartvintagex) and Milly (mlle-milly)! There were many other awesome bloggers too but I'm so bad with names and remembering who is who... sorry!! (if I didn't mention you, please leave me a comment and I will add you into the post!)

The Aussie goody bag:

TwinkleTalk video about the event:

Love love and bloggereventlove!!
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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Some haulage! (and updates)

I have not blogged in FOREVER.

It's been tough. I have lots of work to do, so I know I should be writing that rather than posting blogs, but I just can't stop myself any longer!!! It will probably be a while until I make another post after this, but I know I won't get a lot more work done on this Saturday night.
I have two little hauls to show you :)

Although a little pricey, I actually adore Liz Earle products and love using most of the ones I've tried! (moisturizer and toner aren't on my re-purchase list) The Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser has become one of my must-haves in my daily skin routine. It's the best product I've found to remove my make-up at the end of the day. I have to say that I hardly use the muslin cloths though... But I was running out of this wonderous creamy goodness so purchased a fat 200ml tube, which should last me a rather long time!!

And then, because I had a little money from working over the summer, I got myself a little treat - Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion! This is something I would LOVE to be able to re-purchase everytime I run out, but it's not plausible at £9.50 for 150ml. Granted, I don't use this everyday, but I think I would if I could afford it!! It's super gentle formula will remove any traces of eye make-up residue left after cleansing your face and it hasn't stung my eyes yet! It's also great to soothe and relax your eyes if you soak some cotton pads with it (like cucumber!) :D

Liz Earle products always come beautifully packaged so it's like opening a present each time! (And they also send you a sample they think you might like!)

2. AmazingCosmetics
(purchased from QVC here)

Okay okay, so normally I wouldn't buy something if it was only available online and I couldn't buy it in store (make-up wise) that isn't a very well-known brand, BUT after seeing this pop up a few times on YouTube by various people and then Helen (aka cherrychan108 youtube blog) also saying good things about this product, I had to test it out for myself. Helen is a great lover of concealers, as I'm sure we all are, so I trust her judgement well. Concealer would most definitely be one of the items I would pack on my trip to a deserted island!

AmazingComestics known in the industry for their complexion perfecting products has been the "go to" brand among celebrity makeup artists and their high profile clients for over six years. The niche brand has been the chosen cosmetic company for numerous television and film projects that once again have brought AmazingCosmetics into the spotlight!
I did a little research and found myself purchasing 'a little amazing kit' which includes: two 6ml tubes of The AmazingConcealer, Concealer Brush, Travel Tub and Cosmetic Bag. I call myself a medium skin tone, but I'm definitely on the lighter side of medium so I picked light/medium (haha!) and was sent a tube of light and a tube of medium. I actually haven't opened either tubes yet... I had it hidden away so I only found it the other day! But from the instructions and other youtubers I've seen, you don't need to use a lot of the product to cover imperfections, which is -not to sound too cliche now- amazing!! LOL :P

The little brush it comes with is made of synthetic fibres, but for concealer I find synthetic brushes work a lot better. There are no pores in the fibres to soak up product and so much easier to clean aswell :) It's quite a stiff brush with only the tip giving movement when using gentle force, so all in all a good concealer brush. Again, I haven't really had a chance to test it out properly yet. I will do a video review if anyone wants one (comment me below) !!

I have another product which has been hidden away for a while because I had to bring it back from home and unpacking just isn't in my vocab XD So I only really opened it yesterday and I've been testing it today. It's one that was sent to me by a PR company so I managed to get mine before it was officially launched! You may have seen it advertised and I do believe it is in stores now. Here it is!

Garnier's Caffeine Anti-Dark Circles
Another cosmeceutical product on the market, which we all love :) Following the HUGE success of the Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll-On, this product is almost identical but with an added extra! I never purchased the original roll-on but I have tried it before. It's definitely something that would improve my puffy eyes in the mornings but a few times when I went to purchase it, it was out of stock so I took that as a sign and didn't look out for it anymore. Anyway, this new little roller ball stick contains a tinted concealer. I don't think it's amazingly covering, but for those of you who get dark circles (luckily for me, mine are quite faint and generally my foundation covers up any blue I can see - or it's my own fault and I didn't get enough sleep) you may not need both concealer and foundation with this product, but just one of them.

The one I have is in Medium to medium dark skin tone (I asked for medium and fair is often way too light) which isn't a bad match for me although I could tell there was a hint of orange compared to my natural skin which could be corrected with a thin layer of foundation over the top. So far, I really like this product! The packaging is great! I love how small it is as you could carry it with you, like you would a lipgloss! It comes in a box (pictured above) which is crammed with so much information on it so I'd urge you to pick one up on your next trip to Boots or Superdrug (or wherever you could get yours) and have a good read! It's very soothing and cooling when you apply it and the roller ball gives your under-eyes a mini massage! You do have to pat the tinted concealer into the skin but I feel that this also helps promote the skin to absorb the caffeine and lemon extract which leaves a refreshing feeling. There is one sentence about the formula containing a UV filter but I doubt it's very strong. However, any added protection is a brilliant extra, don't you think??

So in my latest haul video, I showed this wonderful cute little desk organizer which I bought to help house my ever expanding make-up collection :P Being covered in cupcakes and the cuteness of the pink and blue polkadot design, it was a big hit and I had many questions about it! I bought it at WHSmith's for around £12GBP, but I don't know if it is sold anywhere else, sorry! I thought I'd give you a little insight into how I'm currently storing my products whilst I'm at uni. I refuse to do a room tour here as I don't like this room... LOL

Starting from the top left, I have hair and jewellery pieces. This does not contain all my hair and jewellery accessories I've got here but just some little things that I use more commonly.
The top middle drawer contains packets of face masks, a mini Impulse Body Fragrance in New York and my Hello Kitty badges! The top right contains some random little bits and bobs including Clean&Clear Advantage Quick Clear Spot Treatment Gel, Body Glitter gel, a mini Burberry Weekend perfume, White Tiger Balm, Carex Antibacterial Moisturising Hand Gel, some surgical spirit (or rubbing alcohol) in a spray bottle and Tea Tree Blended Oil.

In the left middle drawer, I've put my foundations in. It also contains my Laneige Sun Block, Missha Perfect Cover B.B Cream and my GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer. The right middle drawer has all the nail products I brought to uni with me, such as O.P.I. Nail Envy, nail files, nail buffer, orange sticks aka cuticle pushers and nail clippers. Oh, not forgetting a few random nail polishes too :)

The bottom drawer is now holding my 'face products' (meaning blushers, bronzers and highlighters) and concealers. My MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder and my bottle of Benetint are in there too!

The top two drawers in my purple documents boxing thing now contain eye products (apart from concealers) - the top is eyeliners, mascaras and eye bases (incl. UDPP). The second has eyeshadows :D And the bottom drawer still houses my lip products.

Okay, so this is actually a super long blog post... oops! But I have many things to say. This is what happens when you don't blog regularly, Ling!!! Get in gear! Haha!!!

So something completely unrelated to blogging...
MALTEASTERS!!! Ever heard of these little chocolate gems?? These cute bunnies usually pop up for Easter and they're already out this year! YaY! Super delicious so I recommend buying two at a time so you'll have one extra :P

And just to wrap up, I have been dedicating my latest videos to helping out the victims in Haiti by holding mini give-aways every couple of days. All the revenue that I get from any of the Haiti videos will be going straight to Haiti so if you can't afford to donate and enter my give-aways, please watch anyway! This is currently (Saturday 23rd Jan 2010) the one that is open:

I've already got two videos ready to upload:

one hair tutorial...

...and one nail tutorial too!

So watch out for those when the give-aways are over :D

Love love and majorlongpostlove! XD
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Friday, 15 January 2010

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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Lush Cinders Bath Ballistic

This is Lush's Cinders Bath Ballistic. It is most likely unavailable at this time but if its out next year you can look back at this review :D

I got mine as part of my "Free Stuff Aplenty when you spend Twenty" offer. (See post about the other Lush goodies I got here)

So hopefully you can see this orange fiery beauty! It's about half the size of a "normal"-sized bath ballistic but its really cute!

So first thing I noticed is the smell!!! It smells great! Not like a fire, but refreshing and quite citrusy. As I said in my previous post, this little ball contains popping candy. I loved this and although most of the rocks on mine fell off the surface, I was surprised to find more hidden throughout the ball. And I could totally hear the crackles in the water! Haha - it reminded me of Rice Krispies :P

Okay, so I did find a few downsides to this product. One - its not small enough to break up into little pieces so you have to use it all in one bath. Two - baths without bubbles tend to steam up really easily and make me light headed. Three - the colour of the water was really... how do I put it? ... it was really undesirable. Haha XD (okay, it was the colour of pee heehee)

So that's all I really wanted to say about that! Thought I should let you all know.

Ooh also, the other day I used my Candy Cane Bubble Bar. That is amazing!!!!!! That's all I really have to say about that :P

One more thing, I made a little vlog today :) on my other channel. I may post more of these if it gets a good response! So let me know what you think!!

Love love and lushlove!
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