Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Daily Nails Challenge!! (Intro)

The lovely Mandy (itsamandything) suggested I do this nails challenge! 

The original list is on Let them have Polish! if you want to check it out, but I doubt I'll quite have time to do 31 designs in one month! So, I'm going to pick my favourites and do 16, so one every other day (or there abouts) posting at 12pm! 

Design 1: Polka Dots
Design 2: Stripes
Design 3: Diagonals 
Design 4: Flowers
Design 5: Hearts

Design 6: Tribal Print
Design 7: Animal Print
Design 8: Half Moons
Design 9: Tips
Design 10: Alternate

Design 11: Gradient/Ombre
Design 12: Rainbow
Design 13: Stamped (e.g. Konad)
Design 14: Duo-chrome
Design 15: Shiny

Design 16: Glitter!!

I'm going to start tomorrow, so wish me luck :)

Please join in if you like and link your post in the comments!

Love love and challengelove!!
Toffee xXxXx

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

From the pink carpet...

... to my pink bag!!

Last Thursday saw the launch of the 8th Boux Avenue store (opened by the owner, Theo Paphitis!) which was right in my home town of Guildford. I was lucky enough to attend as press to bring you my thoughts from the pink carpet and you can check out my post on the store here :)

I was given a very generous £20 gift card in my goody bag along with some yummy extra delights too!

I received the White Chiffon (Lily, Jasmine, Elderflower) Hand Cream and the Rose Petal Lip Balm, along with some Pink Mix (pink leopard print) Tatiana Brazilian Briefs. 

We love to feel boudoir beautiful so the Boux Avenue bath and body range is created to bring a dash of beauty to your glamorous life. We infuse silk proteins and sensual oils of the finest quality into all our bath time beauties to ensure you feel delicious and indulgent - always.

Of course I spent my £20 gift card (and a bit more!) at the launch. There was a good deal on sleepwear which I took advantage of - buy two items, save £10!

They lovingly gift-wrapped my purchases with their signature pink lace tissue paper and scented white fake petals in a Boux Avenue box, making it feel very luxurious :)

I opened the box to wonderfully neatly packaged products and the beautiful Boux Avenue boudoir scent. Mmm... *sniff sniff*

I picked up these Casey Check Flannel Pyjama Pants first! The material is super soft and snuggly, and the pockets are a great addition for when you're lounging around.

I also grabbed some Chunky Knit Pom Pom Mule Slippers to keep my feet cosy as the nights get colder. My tootsies are very snug in the faux fur lining ^__^

Have you got any Boux Avenue sleepwear?

Love love and bouxlove!!
Toffee xXxXx

Monday, 28 November 2011

MAC Unconditionally Fabulous NOTD

This lovely glittery number is from the MAC Glitter and Ice collection for Winter 2011.

Unconditionally Fabulous Nail Lacquer is a Frost finish and described by MAC as Super sparkle white. At first glance, this sparkle seems rather common, but I actually think it would be quite difficult to find a dupe!

I think this is best used as a topper polish, adding sparkle to any other colour as a base. 

I've just applied it over MAC Festive Finery which I've already written a NOTD post for.

(eeek bad tipwear!)

Also, I did two layers over plain nails to show you how it looks. 

Not really a fan of it on plain nails, and I think to get it opaque you'd need plenty of coats (at least 5!).

I do LOVE any glitter polish, even with the pain of getting it off after!

What do you think of MAC Unconditionally Fabulous??

Love love and unconditionallyfabulouslove!!
Toffee xXxXx

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Instagram (011)

Hello :)

No red cups this week, only ventured to Starbucks once and I ate in!

Let's play among the stars.

Mr Blobby Nails :P Haha!

I drown my strudel with cream...

Vampy lippy!

Typical breakfast for me this week - love a crumpet.

My head is round like a sphere :P

Turned my phone sideways to be different :)

Flower petals on my nails <3

Boux Avenue Goodies (Y)

Lunch @ Starbucks!

Light Refraction making a rainbow! Science FTW

Christmas lights in town :D

Mr B has a new look!

17 Goodies to play with!!
Grey Magnetic Nail Polish by 17 - pretty patterns!

Hope you're all doing well :) 

Sad there's no red cups, I shall have to get back on it next week! I did spend on some things this week though. Also, I need to go back and visit the hot Starbucks guy lots :P

How was your week??

Love love and instagramlove!!
Toffee xXxXx

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Boux Avenue Store Opening!

On Thursday, I met Theo Paphitis at the opening of the 8th store of his newest lingerie line Boux Avenue.

"Boux Avenue offers unrivalled service both in-store and online at" Theo Paphitis

(don't like this pic of me, but it's all I have with Theo!)
The huge black wardrobe-style doors open up to reveal the contemporary boudoir, dressing room that just invites you in and I was lucky enough to snap some pictures before the official opening - the store is absolutely beautiful and spacious!

On the right side of the store as you enter, you have this seduction corner which triggers the sexier side of you, bringing flirtatious bustiers and corsets with fun petticoats that bring out the black swan ballerina in you, you gorgeous thing!

Then of course we have the sweet babydolls dotted around the shop floor. 

The bra size range is quite generous starting from 30A reaching 40H and with the expert fittings offered, as well as magic changing rooms that display three light settings to emulate day, dusk and night you're sure to leave satisfied with beautiful underwear!

The drawers cleverly display products in order of size, and this is a great layout! I know some other great brands that I love that do this (ahem Gilly Hicks *cough*).

But Boux Avenue isn't all lingerie, they also have a cute selection of sleepwear too.

This section is Christmas themed. I really like the checked flannel style pyjama bottoms and the navy blue shorts/hoody with the little reindeer prints on it :)

The sleepwear is quite cute-sy themed (aka novelty wear), but I think that's quite good as they have styles to suit most girls! And yes, they do sell onesies too :P

Cute koala bear pjs - had to share!!

Boux Avenue don't just sell lingerie and sleepwear! There's lots of little treats you can find in store such as scented candles, cute empty bottles to hold your favourite perfume, little trinket boxes and lotions & potions to give you that sexy feeling!

I did receive a very generous goody bag with plenty to show you so I shall be posting on that shortly :) 

 I am a girly girl and I love the bubblegum pink - the bags and the carpet!!
Me with my Boux Avenue goodies on the pink carpet!
If you happen to find yourself in Guildford anytime soon, pop into the new store in The Friary Centre and grab a free matching pair of knickers with any bra purchased during the 1st week!
(valid until 30th November 2011, exclusive to The Friary store only)

Will you be checking out Boux Avenue??

Love love and lingerielove!!
Toffee xXxXx

Friday, 25 November 2011

Golden Gamma Alternate NOTD

As a goodbye manicure for my sis-in-law (she and my brother left for Asia indefinitely as my brother got a job in Hong Kong), I played with some alternate colours since we didn't have too long before we had to leave for the airport!

Mel chose these colours. Not quite my taste, but work really well against her darker skintone.

I alternated between Illamasqua Gamma and Models Own Golden Green. 

So the green shade is from the Models Own Beetlejuice range. I hope you can see the duo-chrome effect from these pictures! 

I find bright colours work really well on darker skins. Personally, I prefer the green on Mel though!
What do you think??

Love love and alternatelove!!
Toffee xXxXx

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Lipsy Lace Bow Headband. #

Lipsy is a brand I'm quite a fan of. I own two Lipsy dresses and always lust after more! 

(Don't you love the logo? It has an L and a heart!!!!)

Whilst I was grabbing the Models Own Beetlejuice trio on ASOS, I decided to have a browse at the sale and found this little Lipsy gem for £6 (down from £12) and thought it was super cute and I had to have it!

The colour is ivory, but the floral lace is actually more of a champagne shade with gold shimmery thread running through it.  

The bow is definitely over-sized but I love bows in my hair and any size is great! (I'd say the bigger the better, I have some huge bows in my collection but I like the smaller, cuter ones too!) It's a double bow, so it has two layers, with the top one ever so slightly smaller than the other. 

Lace was such a big trend when I went to China a few months ago and I got caught up in a lace state of mind where I wanted to buy everything that was lace! Although I've moved away from collecting lace, I still do love grabbing some every now and again :)

 Here are some pictures of me wearing it.

What do you think of this lace headband??

Love love and lacelove!!
Toffee xXxXx