Friday, 18 November 2011

Models Own Beetlejuice Trio.

There has been a big hype around these nail polishes. I saw someone posted that they were lusting after this little trio, and I thought I just click the link to check the price. To my astonishment, it was quite a bit cheaper than I thought and with a 33% discount (exclusive to ASOS, bringing the price to £10 for 3!) I thought I'd make a cheeky purchase!

When I first saw them in the flesh, I was surprised at how much I loved only one of them. Two of them aren't really my colour but with "each consisting of four pearlescent tones mixed into one shade with shimmer to create a chrome-like finish" I thought that I would love them all! 

(taken from
The studio pictures are a little misleading as only in perfect light will all four tones show up :(

The Peacock trio consists of:

I thought Emerald Black would be Barry M's Petrol Black Dazzle Dust but in nail polish form so I was quite excited this was in the trio and as that's what it looks like in the studio picture! Unfortunately, this is not the case. I was hoping for a more teal-y blue shimmer in the polish and I have to say I am quite disappointed as after two layers on the nail, it just looks like black polish most of the time. Only under bright light do you see the hint of emerald green, but it does look quite stunning under the right lighting!

Golden Green is something I wouldn't ever go for, but looking at the bottle you'd think it'd be a fun shade that could be used for nail art if you're not a fan of the colour. Again, this isn't the case on my nails. It looked really good on my sis-in-law who has a darker complexion than me. I am not a fan but great for those of you who are darker or really like green!

My favourite is definitely Pinky Brown. You can see shiny flecks all through the polish on the nail, just like in the bottle and probably the one that looks mostly duo-toned out of the three. This is the best part of the trio and I can already see different fun nail designs I can do with this shade :)

These are actually my first Models Own products and I am pleasantly surprised at the wonderful formulae of each polish (apart from the shades)! They applied smoothly and dried reasonably fast which is what you want a polish to do. And after MAC Glitter and Ice, I am loving the white lids of the bottles and I hope they bring out new shades that I'm going to love!

Just as a side note, ASOS is awesome sometimes.
I opted for the super saver delivery (the free one) so as to spend as little as possible. Also, I didn't mind waiting a while, estimated delivery by a week's time and thought it'd come as a bit of a surprise after I'd forgotten about purchasing. 
Actually, I got my dispatched email the very next day. I thought it still might take a while to get to me, but it took a day! So without paying any delivery charge, my order came through within two days of purchase! That is a BIG winner!!! Well done, ASOS. 

So, what do you think of  Models Own Beetlejuice nail polishes??

Love love and beetlejuicelove!!
Toffee xXxXx

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