Thursday, 3 November 2011

Aussie-versary Party

Happy Aussie-versary!!

I was swept up to the 4th floor (rooftop!) of The Century Club on Shaftesbury Avenue with some other lovely Aussie Angels to celebrate!

Greeted by three Aussie hunks with champagne, I proceeded to awe at the open roof. That's right, there was a hole in the ceiling!!!! 
(Unfortunately, it did rain a little and had to be shut, but it was fun while it lasted and not too chilly for that time of night!)

As per usual, there were Aussie items displayed in a magical forest-y way with their cool croc & koala signs. 

They had a beauty station where you could get your hair, make-up and nails done. I spent about an hour on my hair so refused to let anyone touch it and make-up is something I don't let anyone else do but I did however left my chipped stripy nails behind and had this lovely dusty-rose pink shade applied. 

Sinead (daintydollymix), me & Steph (stephaniedreams)

There were plenty of nibbles and the champagne flowed pretty freely and I got to meet some lovely bloggers that I only knew online! 

Abby (abbzzw) & me!

Here are a few extra piccies :)

Towards the end, we got to rummage through a giant chest of Aussie products!! 

I nabbed myself some more Take The Heat Leave-In Cream and Take The Heat Conditioner. Deffo my favourite range!

What's your favourite Aussie product??

Love love and aussie-versarylove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. That sparkler shot is VERY cool! Xx

  2. I love those sparkler shots! I nabbed some Take the Heat leave-in spray, miracle moist shampoo and a lucious long leave in conditioner. Love how good my hair smells everyday now :-)


  3. I was so sad to miss this. Silly virus :( Next time i'll be there. This looks so much fun xx

  4. wow i wish i cud attend these types of events!
    ur so lucky!