Saturday, 19 November 2011

Motel ROCKS!!! (Event)

I am a big fan of Motel Rocks. I have four dresses in my wardrobe from this gorgeous brand (and a t-shirt with a fun back) and I love the styles they have combined with the pretty patterns they use!

I thoroughly enjoyed being greeted at the door with a selection of drinks and popcorn and candy floss to choose from :) And the balloons!!!!!

Also the mini Lola cupcakes with edible Glossy Box stickers were so cute!

I nabbed a red velvet one - as if my sweet tooth wasn't satisfied by the candy floss!

They also had Emma from Boom Nails painting gorgeous nail art and I did get mine done :) But that deserves a post on its own so that will be coming up soon!

This is Lucy (shinythoughts) getting her's done into cute thumb watermelons!

The new 2011 Christmas Party collection does not disappoint! When I think of Motel, it's always dresses that come to mind so I was pleased to see other items in this winter collection with cute shorts, skinny trousers and tops.

I picked a few of my favourite pieces to show you, although my photographic quality might not be so good since there was a mass of bloggers at the viewing event and it was a mission to even get a look at the clothes!

These tube body-con dresses add a perfect glitter bust detail to not over dazzle anyone but still making you shine! I am loving the red one :)

This crackle pattern is so edgy and sits great with the shots of teal through it! Reminds me of crackle nail polish, don't ya think?

 Another body-con tube dress, but with blocks of colour in just the right places to trick the eye into making you look skinnier! Who doesn't want that? Also, purple is awesome.

I love this print! It's NYC!!!!! This halter dress with a button down front keeps it casual for day, but the halter neckline jazzes it up with some black and gold accessories for night time.

I think these teal skinnies are awesome. Not something I would wear, but something I definitely want to own! Teal is a dreamy colour and these would be perfect with a white t-shirt and black blazer :)

 This body-con dress in the NYC print is something I might have to get at some point. Don't you love the back? It's so sexyyy!

Saw some gorgeous girlies too! Should've got more photos... oops.

Larissa (Ranking de Cosmeticos - Portuguese) & Me

Mandy (its a mandy thing) & Yishyene (yishyene)

I did the splits :O

What do you think of the new Motel Rocks winter collection??

Love love and motelrockslove!!
Toffee xXxXx

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  1. Love the new collection!! and also what you're wearing <3 totally jealous of you going there haha! xxx