Monday, 19 October 2009

Monday Times - Edition #9

Hey everyone!!

Firstly, if you're not too busy, please could you click here and vote for Sheryl Ng please?? She's a YouTuber under the name pincstuff and is holding a small competition for those who are voting for her here :) Last day to vote is Friday 23rd October 2009. Sheryl made it to second place last year and is currently first in the charts this week! So yay :D And thanks to everyone that has been voting so far! She has a small team on Facebook, of which I am part of ^^ where she will send daily reminder messages telling everyone to vote, which you can join here. Best of luck for the last few days, Sheryl!!

Secondly, I did go shopping last Wednesday, but I had to go get some clothes for a costume for the AU (Atheletics Union) social event. For this event, every sports team has to dress up as another sports team (not chosen by us) and our sport was mens hockey. Here's some shots of my outfit!!
(unfortunately, this is my friend's room! mine isn't so pink XD)

I managed to get another use out of my beloved Eylure Girls Aloud Nicola False Lashes!! This is the fifth time and they look okay still. Hopefully a couple more uses in them before I have to throw them out!

Ah yes, back to the shopping... I hadn't had a chance to spend the £25 gift card for Topshop which I received from Aussie over a month ago until then. So I picked up this gorgeous big clutch and I absolutely love it! I can't wait till I have money to go for a nice dinner or something so I can use it :P Haha!! It's a very soft leathery beige material with a beautiful black and blue flower print with an almost snake skin patent texture on the top.

On the Topshop website, it says its a "Floral Glitter Clutch Bag". And the colour is cream XD Haha!! I described it all wrong apparently. Anyway I love it!

I have started to make some mini videos throughout my day, carrying my camera around with me now. I hope to collaborate them into "A Week in the Life of Toffee"!

Onto other things, I am really enjoying using The Body Shop Nutriganics creams. They are very smoothing just like they're promoted and I hope to do a review on them soon :)

I tried to take some photos of the fireworks going on around London from my brother's apartment. Here are a few of my attempts :P

I think that's all for now! Hopefully I can get into making videos more now that I've kind of settled into a routine again!!

Love love and Mondaylove!
Toffee xXxXx

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Live Sunday Times - Edition #8


Long time since I made a video and I was feeling deprived and needed a quick fix, so I decided to do today's Sunday Times post live as a video!!

Here it is :D

Love love and Sundaylove!
Toffee xXxXx

Side bar info below:

Hello! How I have missed making videos XD

Hope you enjoy my rambles and visit my blog!!!

Gripezee can be bought here:

Hope you liked it! :D

Products in this video:
~Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner (6ml) in 7 Rock Chick
~Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner (6ml) in 12 Spandex
~MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow (3.2g) in Young Punk
~MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow (3.2g) in Blue Flame
~Maybelline Eye Studio Smoky Glam Palette in 03 Smoky Indigo
~Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in 112 Ambre Rose
~V05 Curl Scrunching Spray
~Batiste Coloured Dry Shampoo in Brunette
~Batiste Coloured Dry Shampoo in Black
~The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Day Cream
~The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Night Cream
~The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Eye Cream
~Clinique 3-step Anti-blemish Solutions Travel Set
~Gripeze Heat Protectant Mat Pink

If you have any questions about the products shown in this video please leave a comment or message me :)


Thanks for watching!!

( What do stars do??
*** They shine. ***)

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

MAC Style Black & H&M Clothing Haul!!

MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow in Blue Flame and Young Punk

Let me know what you like in the comments :D

Love love and shoppinglove!
Toffee xXxXx

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Sunday Times - Edition #7

So today, we have three things on the agenda and a couple of loves :)

1. New Batiste products!
Batiste contacted me a while ago after I made my review on the Blush scented dry shampoo that I had bought and loved. They asked me to try their new coloured variants for brunette and black hair. They have finally arrived and I am actually so excited to try these out!! I love that they took into consideration black hair aswell, because usually in the caucasion world, I find that black hair is being missed out and all you have is products for blondes, brunettes and/or redheads.

On first impressions, I adore the smell! It's really nice and is very similar to the Boho scent (the orange one). I have yet to try them out, but so far, they are looking good! Nice scent, perfect for my hair colour and same instructions too! I shall let you know how my experiences go with these products once I have used and abused (or tested) them out!

2. Gripeze
I was contacted by this company to try their very safety conscious "Heat-protective non-slip mat, for all hot hair tools". They come in black and for a limited time, pink too. Its a very cool concept as well as there being a safety aspect which is great! I love how the rubbery mat is glittery so it would suit any girly girl's room :)

It totally matches my hot pink GHDs XD

It changes colour with heat (heat-resistant up to 250 degrees) and grips most surfaces and your straighteners too!

Gripeze heat mat grips most surfaces and your straighteners, reducing slippage and accidental damage to people and property.

Your Gripeze heat mat changes colour, when your straighteners are hot, giving you and at-a-glance warning that your straighteners are on or too hot to touch.

After use, unplug and protect your straighteners by simply rolling them in the mat and securing with the band provided.

To clean, rinse with cold water; leave to dry.

"The product idea came from the frustration I had seeing my daughters have near accidents with straighteners slipping off dressing tables, not knowing if they had left them on and not having anywhere safe to store them immediately after use. I hope you see the benefits Gripeze offers, particularly when so many teenagers and mums own hot hair tools. The safety aspect of Gripeze is very important to me." ~ Maria Smyth
You can really see how they are trying to promote the safer side of Gripeze rather than just a cute mat for your heat tools. I shall hopefully be making a video about this soon :)

3. The Body Shop Nutriganics
The Body Shop event back in August, we were introduced to the new range of products that they would be bringing out this autumn.

Nutriganics™ meets the minimum levels of organic content set out by ECOCERT, the world’s largest independent certifying body of natural and organic cosmetics. ECOCERT, established in 1991, works to promote organic products through its control and certification activities in over 80 countries.
I was kindly sent three products from the range: Smoothing Day Cream, Smoothing Night Cream and Smoothing Eye Cream.

"There's Community Trade organic babassu oilin our Nutriganics™ range. A wonderfully light, non-greasy moisturiser, pressed from the wild growing babassu nuts, it's not just helping to smooth your skin, it's lso helping to improve the lives of our suppliers in north eastern Brazil. So they feel great too."

Don't you just love that fact that The Body Shop uses well sourced ingredients and buys them at a fair price so the farmers and workers are getting the money they deserve?? Because I do!

The two loves I have are both Maybelline products which I did receive free in my goody bag from the event a few weeks back and I would've probably never picked them up in store so I am very glad to have found them.

4. Maybelline Pure. Foundation Mineral (8g) in 04 Vanilla RoseMineral foundations have always intriged me. I had only owned one (L'Oreal True Match Minerals) until now. At first, I felt the mini Kabuki brush that is provided was a little scratchy, but its really not when you use it! The mineral powder is so finely milled and covers really nicely. Very easy and simple to use and the brush is great for getting into those smaller areas of the face and buffs very evenly over the skin :)

I have been using this for the past week and loving it! So quick to just grab and buff on ^^

5. Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush (7ml) in 07 Peach Satin
This is something I really did not think I would like, but I tried it out anyway because I'm a curious person. I'm not a big fan of the Dream Matte Mousse foundation as I find it really dries my skin and emphasizes the flaws. Not to say that it won't work for you, just that with my experience it wasn't for me. I did like it at first and I remember using up a whole jar and repurchasing! But I guess my skin changed and has disagreed with it since. Being the skeptical girl that I am, I was hesistant to try this product. I have to say it glides on super smooth and I find I only need the tiniest bit :) The colour is a peachy pink tone so would suit most skintones too. I love that air whipped formula!!

Also, did a tiny haul at Tesco on Saturday XD
I quite like the smell of V05 products and I had wanted something for scrunching and curl styling. I picked up this curl scrunching spray because it seemed to be the one that matched my criteria the best. So this is what the back of the bottle says:
~ Perfect for scrunching curls and waves
~ Ideal for use with curling tongs
~ Boosts and enhances curls and waves
~ Calms frizz, static and flyaways
~ Helps protect from heat damage

This product looks like it ticks all the boxes! This means less product build up because you'll only really need to use one, rather than 5! Yay :D I shall use this next time I curl and let you know how it goes :)

The offer of 2 for £4 is still on so I picked up another 2 Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liners to add to my collection!! I can't stress how great these are. I absolutely love them and they are probably my most favourite make-up item ever!

Right! That's it :D

If you have tried or would like to try any of these products, please comment and tell me :D If you haven't/don't, tell me if you like wearing glitter!!!

Love love and Sundaylove!
Toffee xXxXx

Cute Japanese Half Curls

If you have ever looked at Japanese hair styles for medium/long hair, you will very often see a full fringe with half curls, something like this:

(image from Google)

This is the sort of image I associate with the Japanese which I find to be so cute!! So armed with this image in my head, I went to get my hair cut. (See previous post for before and after pics)

So in attempt to recreate the flicks that my stylist did in my hair after she cut it, I came up with this look :P

I was using my GHDs to flick the ends when I found that they were curling more than I wanted them too. So I turned the straighteners a little bit more and a small curl at the end of my hair was formed. Inspired by this, I carried on ribbon curling just a little more than one spiral so the bottom half of my hair was curled :)

Here is the tutorial I made a while ago about how to ribbon curl using GHDs.

One FAQ that I've gotten about this video is "Will it work with other straighteners?"
And my answer is yes. It should definately work but it doesn't mean to say you will get the exact same curls. There are many variables that can and will change the curl you get and how long it will last. These include (but aren't limited to): size of straightener (generally most straighteners are 1 inch), heat/temperature, hair type (thick, thin, fine, coarse etc) and how fast you pull the straighteners down.

Instead of just starting as close to the root as possible, I began curling half way down the hair.

I will try to get Sunday Times out tomorrow, I have many things planned for this week's edition, but I will be busy so it may be postponed until Monday. But it will be here!! Toffee Promise!!

Love love and halfcurllove!
Toffee xXxXx