Sunday, 27 September 2009

Sunday Times - Edition #6 (New hair) :D

Hello there :D

As per twitter requests, I am writing this blog post to show you my new hair!! I got it cut at J Moriyama Hair Design near Bond Street (78 Maryleone Lane, W1U 2PT). My stylist was called Seiko ^^ And I just asked for layers all the way round with razored ends. She cut my fringe a little too :)

Without further ado, here is the before picture!

And this is the after!!

So, what's the verdict guys?? Do we like?? She did actually curl the ends of my hair slightly when she blow-dried it which I really like! Its easily to maintain and it has a little more shape now!!

A few pics from last night's Aussie Pamper Evening!

Then Melissa and I took my cousin (Yie Sheen) back to the tube so she could get home and we went out for sushi!!

How cute is Mel's jumper which she wore today??

I shall be uploading the video Mel and I made last night soon, so please look out for it!!!

Love love and hairlove!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. Awwwwww your hair looks really nice!! I am getting something like that done on Saturday xD Lots and lots of layers I want! It looks good on you!
    Oh man I want that sushi that just made me totally hungry!! AND MUST HAVE THAT JUMPER

  2. the new hair really suits you !
    and that sushi looks yummmmmy > <

  3. 0_0 Your new hair style is SO, SO CUTE!!I love your hair!!

  4. ur hair is gorgeous and really suits u!

  5. Love your new hairstyle! It really suits you!!! :D xxxx

  6. Was lovely seeing you again, Ling :) And meeting your sister in law and cousin!
    Your hair looked so lovely :)

  7. wooooow. loooooving ur hair,:D Looks AAAAMAZING in ya :D ^^

  8. Your hair looks great! And those fried dumplings look very tasty x

  9. Really cute. ;) Mel does seam like a really sweet person.

  10. i'm so jealous of the hair! mine used to be so long and then I cut it super short. it's been in that awkward growing-out phase for 6 months. :(