Thursday, 3 September 2009

My First Blog Award!!

First of all, thank you to Nic (at Anything-Floral) who tagged me for this "I think you are an awesome girl" award :D

And for me to be eligible to receive this, I have to give you 10 random facts about me ^_~

Now, I actually have a video on this already, which you can watch below :P

But its been a long time since then and there are more than just 10 random facts about me so here's another 10!!

1. All the pet names I have for my electronics end in 'ly' ~ Molly (my trusty Dell laptop), Jelly (my cute LG Cookie mobile phone) etc! (I actually don't have one for my camera since there is no reason to name it...)

2. I love the shape of butterflies!! (hence my blog background) I think they are just so pretty! I have so many butterfly things in my room, (countless earrings decorations, pictures, paintings) and they're at their most beautiful when you see them IRL flying around you :)

(an outdoor temporary exhibition at the Natural History Museum)

3. (is the magic number :P) In my parents house, we have 4 fish tanks and a pond!! We have so many fishes XD My parents have owned fish since before I was born! And when we moved house, we moved our fish with us and my dad had to build the pond for them. However, in the end they died from chemical poisoning from these stones (which had been treated to make them white) in the water fountain. :( Sad times...

arowana fish

goldfish in the pond

father holding a koi

another koi in the pond

4. Even though in Cantonese Chinese, it means death, 4 is my favourite number! I love the shape of it and they ways it can be written... wow I sound so excited over a number XD

5. One of my favourite movies is Mary Poppins! (But I didn't enjoy the musical as much...)

6. I think Michael McIntyre's humour is HILARIOUS!! I'm always up for a good laugh and this guy seriously gets me everytime! (I also love panel shows ~ Mock The Week, QI, Would I Lie To You?)

7. I can't take food with any spice in it! I'm pretty fussy too... here are some things I don't eat ~ curry, pepper, mushrooms, beef (except in a really good lasagne), chilli, peppers, asparagus, leeks, garlic, ginger, prawns if they have heads on them...

8. I watched Mean Girls 8 times in a row once. I was on a plane to Malaysia I believe and the journey is super long! They didn't have anything else I wanted to watch so I just let it repeat over and over... They had to change some of the words for any younger flyers watching, so "witch" was popular :P I can now almost quote everything from the movie!!

9. I have a very sweet tooth. I think the Caramel Hot Cholocate at Starbucks isn't sweet enough. I can't taste any caramel and once I put in an extra three brown sugars... Whenever I order a Caramel Creme Frappucino, I always have to ask for extra caramel :P

10. I wish I had better sense of style and fashion... (I don't think this is actually a fact... ermmm I can't think of anything else that interesting... ermmm I have a collection of origami paper stars?)

The people who I want to pass this award onto are:
Suzi @ Suzit86
Helen @ Everything Cherrychan108
Shortiee31 @ Shortiee's Beauty Blog
Kelly @ Pinksealight
Suzie @ The makeup diaries

And if you ever tag me or anything, don't forget to leave a comment on my latest post so I can read it :D

And, as promised, here are the swatches for the MAC Graphic Garden 6 Eye Shadow Palette in Graphic Garden.

(oops... sorry about the shadow in the bottom left corner >.<)

I have to say though, these pictures really do not give the divine colours enough justice!! They are nicely pigmented and a sheen is seen with almost an iridescence to the shades!

But today's star is not the eye shadows themselves, but the cutest little 213SE brush that comes with the palette!!

It picks up colour like nobody's business and I looooooove this!! And just to give you all an idea of the tiny size, here it is next to my little fingernail :)

Teeny tiny!!! And SO adorableee!!

And with that note, I shall bid you all farewell and be on my merry way to dreamland ^^ (well not just yet but I could fall asleep right now... zzzZzZzzzzZZZzZZzZzzz)

Actually, just before I go, I thought I'd let you know about another The Body Shop code for free delivery on anything (only valid this weekend) FREE_DEL9

Love love and awardlove!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. Your random facts are so original. ♥ xD What milk chocolate drink are you talking about? Or did I hear that incorrectly..

    That 213SE brush is soo cute! I love the whole palette and the eyeshadows seem great~


  2. caramel frap ! yummm c:
    i love michael mcintyre tooo !
    and 4 is also my favourite number, it used to be 8, but then i decided 8 was unlucky so i halved it \\:

  3. i am left handed, and i eat with my fork in the left hand and the knife in the right xD that brush is SOOO cute :D

  4. OMG I have an urge to go buy this after seeing your post! ahahha love the brush it comes with! Too cute to be trueeeeee! And wow you have a pond!??!?!?! Woahhh that's soooooooooooooooooooooooo kewl! I don't even have a garden let alone pond! <333

  5. I love mary poppins too!!! and I am also a picky eater!! heheh =)