Sunday, 13 September 2009

Sunday Times - Edition #4

WARNING: Since I have not posted in a week (*shock shock horror horror*), this is will be very long!! You can skip the reading and just look at my many pretty pictures if you like instead XD!!

Been a little busy bee this weekend!! Well, not today but my room is in a state and needed much tidying. I shall hopefully get it done and do a fun room tour this week! I'm moving back to uni on next Saturday and I'm so dreading going back! It'll be nice to escape the parents though :P

There is much to update so I shall just get stuck in!!

In regards to Chlorella, I have done a quick update video (below). However, I kinda haven't taken any since that day... bad Ling!! So I shall get back on track starting tomorrow ^^

I have yet to find time to use my new hair straightener that I got from Aussie, but I used the shampoo and conditioner last night! They are both great products and I loved how much the shampoo foamed up! Haha I love bubbles :D The smell however, isn't as amazing as I hoped it'd be. It is pleasant, but I think I prefer my Herbal Essences scents.

Onto more exciting things... if you guys are into reading UK beauty blogs, you'll have probably known there was another blogger event held on Thursday. This time it was for Maybelline New York which was at the L'Oreal Paris HQ in Hammersmith! What a great time I had and I will be making a video about it sometime this week. I have many pictures to show you and an immense amount of goodies from two (that's right, we all got two) bags!!

The event was mainly to promote their two newest products in stores: Pulse Perfecting Mascara and the Color Sensational Lipsticks! These have been available for a little while now, so you may have seen them around. (in our little bag, we got a full-size mascara in Vibrant Black and 6 lipsticks in 112 Ambr Rose, 165 Pink Hurricane, 315 Rich Plum, 338 Midnight Plum, 420 Coral Pop and 730 Golden Brown!)

The Pulse Perfecting Mascara is the first vibrating mascara that's available to the mass market, as the other vibrating mascaras currently available are from brands such as Lancome, Prescriptives and Estee Lauder which are at the higher end of the market. With Maybelline's mascara, it uses "horizontal micro movements", mimicking what you normally do when you wiggle the wand but much tinier! It gives 7000 vibrations a minute and it has the Define-A-Lash brush which many of us adore! It's battery powered which is great, but I fear that when people throw away their mascara, they will forget to remove the battery to dispose of in a safe way. The battery used is a tiny watch battery which could potentially be changed if it runs out before your mascara does, however, watch batteries can last up to three years, if they're good!! (My father owns/runs a shop selling and repairing watches and clocks) I'm very excited to try this out but I don't want to open it just yet as I have soooo many mascaras already open :(

The Color Sensational Lipsticks are fantastic! IT gives you that great "crisp, high-definition colour" and a "gorgeous, creamy feel" too. There are 26 shades in this range split into 4 colour families: pinks, plums, reds and browns.

The formula contains pigment technology that gives depth to the colour enabling it to cover the full lips with an outstanding colour. The colours is enhanced by specific polymers that bring out the true colour. As the pigments are finely milled, they are highly and evenly distributed on the lips, providing a smooth and even colour effect that is never dull or flat. The pigments are combined with indulgent honey-nectar, which helps the lipcolour glide onto lips, without being sticky, as well as heping to nourish them, giving lips a gorgeous creamy feel.

I managed to nab a few more lipsticks in different colours :P Here is the full set I got!!

The other goody bag was packed full of their well-known products!! I loved the fact that they had a stand specifically for foundations so people could pick and choose the one that suited their skintone the best!!

Some other photos ^^

(some photos courtesy of Natalie Kitcher (from Headstream) and Shirley from

After I left work on Friday, I got a tube to my brother's flat in Woolwich and we set off to my cousin's 19th birthday party!! So I have an OOTD and a LOTD/FOTD!

I didn't have a long time to do my make-up so I just used classic purples to bring out the browns in my eyes and to counter the mass amount of teal I was wearing :P Didn't have any time to do hair so I just Batisted the crap out it using my handy travel size Blush one!

My brother's flat is on the 12th floor looking out to the Thames river and I had to take some shots to show you!!

My room was so nice too and my double bed felt like I was sleeping on a cloud *content smiley*

I have quite a big David&Goliath haul to show you soon (will film it this week) and I wore one of my new t-shirts :P I love the play-on-words and I tried to take a picture of the shirt in the mirror, only to realise it would be backwards XD

But here it is normally! (Brother said the only fish and chips shop in New York is called A Salt and Battery! ~ fun fact of the day ~ although I didn't quite get it at first... battery being battered fish YUMMM)
And here is my full outfit, completing my casual, public transport travel look with my slim fit Levi's (and odd Hello Kitty socks)

After spending the night at my brother's, we went to Woolwich town centre and did a little shopping ^^ Grabbed an ice-cream as it was so very hot that day :P So this is me and my sister-in-law, Melissa! (I am trying to convince her to start making videos and I think she is going to guest star on my channel with some reviews ^^)

Okay, so that's all for now!! Big thanks to all my 100+ followers!!!!!! Hope everyone is well and if not, hope you're getting cheered up with make-up!! YAY XD

Love love and Sunday Love!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. Sounds like a brilliant day, and you look amazing in the teal dress.

  2. I have the same "A Salt & Battery" shirt! :D
    That ice cream looks delish!

  3. OH MY DAYS feel free to share the free makeup esp to makeup less people like meee XD (i'm sure you noticed by my lack of makeup at yie han's 19th... again, your eyes looked stunning!!)

    haha i kid, i kid, but seriously you're so lucky you have so much free makeup! =O amaaazing <3 was such a pleasure to meet you and i am now hunting you down from yie sean's fb, hope you dont mind ;p

    (tis Crystina btw, if you remember me at all ^^;; )

  4. You are so lucky you get to go to so many cool places!! And you look lovely in that dress!! You brothers appartment looks awesome as well he is lucky to have such great views!

  5. Aww your dress looks lovely! & loving the T-shirt! OMG you went Woolwich? Ahaha I know that place! xD

  6. oh my gosh, the events u goo to looks like SO much fun :O wish we had them here.. ^^
    love the t-shirt, its SUPER cute :D

  7. i love the dress you wore to the Maybelline event and also the David and Goliath t-shirt!!
    love your fashion sense!! =)

  8. hi. love all your videos. and your latest t-shirt. cool. I didnt know salt and battery can be friends. Do you agree a rabbit and a shih tzu can be friends too ? Watch this