Sunday, 6 September 2009

Sunday Times - Edition #3 (Project Angel - Aussie Event)

Afternoon, sweets :D

I love Sundays because Sunday is my lazy day. Work has been very tiring lately and I haven't had time to watch many vids or read up on blogposts so I would've happily stayed in my pyjamas all day and mostly in bed! (Obviously I would still have written this ^^) But because I love you guys and because this needs a video before I forget about it, I have filmed a video about my day yesterday!

Most of you may be wondering what was so good that happened yesterday, so I'll tell you! I was invited on a treasure hunt by Aussie (hair care company) in Central London. I was a bit worried a couple of days before which maybe you have heard about if you are following me on Twitter :) The first clue was sent to my house along with a key via Next Day Special Delivery on Thursday. It got to my house on Friday, but my parents and I were at work all day so I was left one of those Royal Mail Collection cards stating to wait 24 hours before collecting from the local post office. So stuck with not being able to get my key, I wasn't too sure what to do. Luckily, Sabrina (sabrinalovesyoux and a-littleobsessed) came to my rescue!! We arranged to meet up and go together. Two heads are better than one, and she already knew the answer to the first clue! Great, I thought! So with an email to Lauren (from Aussie) about my plans to meet up with Sabrina and a reply saying that was fine, I managed to sleep soundly.

Since I'm not staying in London atm, I grabbed a lift with my father on his way to work in North London. But that meant getting up pretty early (at 7.15am) as we had to drop off my mother who starts work at 8am. We rushed to the post office and hoped that they'd have the letter (as it was before 8am and the card said 9.45am) but all was fine and I finally got my hands on the little purple envelope. Carefully I opened it in the car and was taking pictures with and of it for this very blog but we were rushing to get mother to work on time so the car was jerky and the key fell off my lap and down the side! Oh no!!! Almost lost the key, but luckily grabbed it when we reached the hospital (mother is a operating theatre sister nurse) and quickly fit it to my other keys just to make sure I wouldn't lose it again!

So after we left mother, I had plenty of time to kill as I wasn't meeting Sabrina till 11am. Father owns his own shop (selling and repairing watches and clocks etc) and so he didn't have to go in at a set time as his employee would open up the store. Off we went to the car auction house to have a look around! A boring experience but an experience nonetheless. None of the cars took my father's fancy (we currently only have one car ~ mother's car, that's why we all have to go together ~ as father's car is broked :P) so we left. Father decided the best place to drop me would be at Brent Cross tube station, but we missed the turning the first time so made a U-turn and took the correct turning off the road. But then, father took the wrong exit at the round-a-bout!! Haha XD We ended up at Henden and I got the Northern Line tube from Henden Central straight to Charing Cross, where I met Sabrina.

So the first clue said:
"The Home (and) away from home for all things Australian, just a hop from The Strand..."
I love the fact they used an Australian way of making the clue and hoped that the next clue wasn't going to be this hard!! Sabrina had already worked out the answer to this, being the Australian House (Australian Embassy). We headed off to Trafalgar Square and were looking around the flags to find it! We had to ask several people and wander around for about half an hour...

We finally made our way there to find Tim standing there with two huge silver padlocked treasure chests! He informed us that we were the first ones there and gave us our prizes!!

Because we were the first, we both received an extra gift! This is the Wella Professionals Pro-Straight Shine hair straightening iron! It's got adjustable heat settings so I'll be able to experiment with that :)

Then Sabrina and I went to Cafe Nero across the street to chat and open up the boxes! I had a White Chocolate Mocha (the only coffee I drink) topped with cream, of course! YUM!!!

Discovering the Topshop gift cards, we headed to Oxford Street to find out how much was on them (£25!) and then we parted ways and I took a tube to Marble Arch to visit Superdrug. I was hoping the offer for the free (if you spend £6 on Barry M) Limited Edition Dazzle Dust was still on but it wasn't. However they had a buy-pne-get-one-half-price on all Dazzle Dusts and they had two Limited Edition ones so I got both of those! Also picked-up a Barry M Intense Black Eyeliner Pen ^^

Stopped by NYC cosmetics to check out the nail polishes as I've heard great things about them and choose Manhattan, a gorgeous plummy red ~ perfect for autumn/winter, to try! Also grabbed a mini Burberry Weekend Eau De Parfum and some cute bow earrings for 99p!

Went to Claire's to check out their cute Hello Kitty stuff and ended up with a Hello Kitty Pez Dispenser, 10 sticks of Pez (in lemon, orange, cherry, and strawberry) and two stickers too!!

I found my way to H&M on Regent Street and purchased a Hello Kitty mini nail set. With a file/smooth/buff/shine stick, a cuticle pusher and a little pink nail clipper!!

Then I walked to Lush and spend what must've been over an hour just smelling and talking about and testing out the products! The girls in there are super helpful (I wasn't allowed to film) and really helped cater to me and really knew what they were talking about. So I picked two Bubble Bars (The Comforter and French Kiss) and Grease Lightning (spot treatment). I was given two samples ~ Aqua Marina (camomile and seaweed solid cleanser) and Vanishing Cream (moisturiser).

I was a bit peckish as it was now around 3pm so after receiving a voucher, I headed over to McDonald's (bad Ling!) and grabbed a McChicken Sandwich. In a bid to keep healthier, I got tap water to drink and barely touched my fries...

My friends Chi and Kin picked me up and we drove around for ages looking for parking. Let me tell you something, it is SO expensive to park in London!! We found a space for £3.30 an hour (yes, an HOUR!) on St. James Square and went to London Trocadero to the arcade. I watched them play some car racing game and filmed it XD (video is not yet here ~ but its a little boring, even with commentary by me and may not be allowed to be put up D: )

Then our hour was up and they drove me to Oxford Street to my Uncle's shop ~ Superbabe ^_^ Its like a boutique-y shop selling women's clothes, shoes and bags too! Very cute stuff :) My father met me there (this is around 6.30pm) and we chatted with my Uncle for a while and then headed to China Town for dinner!! Forgot to take my camera, but I had crispy noodles with roast pork! It was so good as I was so hungry as it was now around 8pm! After dinner we grabbed some cakes from the Chinese cake store and drove back to pick up my mother (she worked until 9pm). Then we went home! Wow such a tiring day...

Big thanks to Aussie though! Check out this website about all the other Aussie Angels and all other things Aussie :D

Today's FOTD/LOTD is this! Testing out my new MAC Graphic Garden Palette and the Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder too :)

Sorry about the mega huge long post, guys!!

Love love and Sundaylove!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. it was nice seeing you again. xx

  2. @sabrina ~ you too! see you on thursday XD xXx

    @Victoria ~ Illamaqua looked cool! Wish I could've gone :( See you thursday too! xXx

  3. Sounds like a fab day, seems so weird someones blog I read was so near me too which sounds ridiculous, but I'm sure you get what I mean.

  4. Woah what a cool day! Got some nice goodies there, but you deserved it after such a long day! Love the look! <3

  5. looks SO nice :D seems like u had a greeeaat time :D <3 ^^ great stuffies!

  6. love this post!great blog! please follow my fashion and lifestyle blog at as I will yours! xo

  7. WOW it sounded like an awesome day!! I will have to try that white chocolate mocha as I never drink coffee but that sounds nice!! And tomorrow I am going out and I will have to check into Superdrugs for those barry Ms if they still have them xD H&M as awell for that nail kit and I need some more pez. I already have a hello kitty pez dispenser 8D

  8. Hi, this is a really cool post - thanks. Great blog too - loads of interesting things here.

  9. You got a blog award from me! Just click on the link =] You have pretty eyesssss!!!

  10. I recieved my package through the post this morning because i couldn't make the event... super excited! I tagged you for an award on my blog btw! xXx

  11. yeah... took me awhile to do the tag. I saw the award like a month ago or something but I had no idea what to write before and now I finally did it -____- lol.

    I actually was going to do more nail tutorials on youtube but then someone emailed me and asked me when I'm going to do another one so they can steal some of my designs so they can get some customers, which I thought was rude so I just deleted all the designs I had. I MIGHT do a photo tutorial instead for my bloggers though =] but I've been doing nails since I was 8 so might be hard =T