Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Va Va Volume (No backcombing!)

When I received my hair straighteners from the first Aussie event, I of course read the manual. That's the kinda person I am! I love technology but I know that not breaking anything electrical comes with the knowledge of how to use it. Especially with things like hair heat tools! (Don't want to catch my hair on fire XD)

In the manual they give you a few ways to use the straightener. Straightening (obviously) but also with permenant straightening, ~ possibly with the use of chemicals, I skimmed over this bit as my hair is naturally straight ~ "Giving life to ends" (which is basically flicks in or out), volume styling and big curls.

I've always wanted to feel the greatness of the big hair and how everyone loves volume. My hair is thick (as in the strands of hair are thick, not that I have a lot of hair) and so volume has never really been a big thing for me. I'm often finding myself using products to help almost flatten my hair.

There are many ways to volumise one's hair and often backcombing is a choice made by many, but this is very damaging to the hair and I wouldn't want to sit there pulling at my hair. Also, for my hair to hold backcombed volume, I have to use at least half a bottle of hairspray!!! Not so good for the purse!

Anyway, I was intriged by the method they explained in the manual and I just never had much time to sit and try this out until today. And here are the results!!

I emulsified some Sebastian Crude Clay onto my palms and fingers and then ran it through my hair to help hold the styling but I don't think I really needed it!

I have to say it does look a little scraggy down, but almost like a tousseled bedhead hair look. Its something I'd not care to much about for day-to-day but not for a night out.

It almost resembles soft surfer waves aka beach hair!!

However, I put it up whilst I was tidying/cleaning/packing for uni and I really liked the look! I decided to fix it a little and it came out like this!!

I twisted the hair from a low pony tail (untied) and used four hair grips to hold it in place. One thing I'm not too keen on is being able to see the grips in my hair.

Definately something I'd wear with pride but maybe it would need a lot more hold for any vigorous activity!

And for some reason, I really like pictures where the person is looking down... XD

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Love love and volumelove!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. Love the hairstyle! I just did it couple of days ago with my own straightener & I love it too! <3

  2. o0o0o0o0o0o I love the hair! The waves are cool, looks all 'mermaidy'(not a word i know LMAO) Dope!

    Btw i've always been meaning to ask because i've been trying to do this for did you get your post title and date to become a different font & colour because i hate the standard blogger fonts and i wanna use my own! Help greatly appreciated! <3

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous up. xXx