Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Graphic Garden - Amazing!!!

I hope everyone is having a great week! I am :) But it totally feels like I can't do so much in my day now that the majority of it is taken up with work and then going to sleep early to get up early... all in all its not fun :( but its okay because I have earned myself a nice brand new MAC Eye Shadow x 6 Pallete from the Graphic Garden collection!!!!!!!!

I have been waiting for this day to arrive and I actually haven't done the swatches yet... but they will be in my next post, I Toffee~promise!!

So saving the best till last, this is what I got. I picked out this Eye Shadow Pro Palette Refill Pan in Da Bling because it was a colour I've envied a lot and I needed an extra £5 to make my total elligible for free delivery!

Here it is in my palette, in between Pink Venus and Post Haste :) And next to Honey Lust! (The top left is Soft Force)

How amazing is the packaging for the Prep+Prime collection??? I love the pink and green sparkles all over the black :D Looks so glam!

And then we come to my palette! The very pretty and chic black and white packaging, with the flowers on the front face and the MAC logo on the sides!

I've tried to take photos of the holographs on the body of the actual palette. Its actually amazing.

And it comes with a full-sized mirror and the cutest little 213SE shader brush!

The colours are Social Climber, Botanical Blue, Straight Hedge, Wild Wisteria, Linear Lilac and Graphic Garden.

I love all of them! But especially Graphic Garden because it is so beautiful!! Similar to Beauty Marked, some might say, it's a matte black with purple glitter flecks! I tried to photograph it...

And one more thing, I have become obsessed with interior packaging XD Hope you like these shots!!

Love love and holographiclove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. I LOVE all the things :D ^^ jealous (A) ^^ haha :D I love the mac packaging picture, looks so cool :O looks like a professional picture :D - have a great day

  2. How cute, your comments are dubbed as "sparkle shouts"!. Adoring the new haul!

  3. Woahhhh very nice stuff you got there! I really want that palette now! The colours look gorgeous! Oh men I always wanted to buy that prep + prime powder 'cause it feels like silk on your skin when you put it on! But then it's a bit expensive for a small jar >.< so I decided to not get it. Instead I found a cheaper alternative, Maybelline Dream Matte Powder! It's very similar but this one is pressed. Sorry I ramble too much LOL x

  4. nice stuff!! i especially adore the graphic garden palette! you know i just flip thru the sept issue of Seventeen (with Selena gomez as cover girl i think) and there's a page on eye makeup combos similar to the 3 colors you have on the right! do you think you can do a tutorial sometime on those 3 colors?? think it will look amazing =) many thanks!!

  5. Hey :)
    I tagged you to do the 'I think you are an awesome girl' tag :)

    Nic x

  6. I think I saw the graphic Garden palette in Harvey and Nichol's but I am not 100% sure so don't take my word for it. The colors look very pretty. How is the color payoff?

  7. I saw this on YT last night, absolutely stunning colours in the pallete, thinking of getting the BS trio too.

  8. I'm jealous I wanted that palette but I'm on an eyeshadow ban :(