Monday, 31 August 2009

Sunday Times - Edition #2

Welcome to the second edition of Sunday Times :)

Argh! This post is very late... >.< Sorry!! But I have been posting quite a lot recently :P I hope that makes up for my lateness *cheeky hopeful grin*

So there isn't too much to update you on. We had my cousins and family over for a BBQ so I haven't really had much time on the internet *shock horror* We watched a few films too via Film4 on Freeview ~ Around The World in 80 Days, Ever After and half of The Day After Tomorrow!

Anyway, onto more beauty related things...

Cousin brought me a little something from his travels to Hong Kong!!

The inside of the bag is HOT PINK!! How awesome is that?? I love packaging that is lined :P

However, inside the bag is a better treat!! My new toner ~ Laneige Pore Trouble Skin Refiner

It's a nice big 160ml bottle full of goodness which couldn't have come at a better time as my current Laneige Power Essential Skin Refiner (right) is almost empty!!

(btw, they are the same size)

And just one other thing I thought I'd mention is The Body Shop Eye Trio in 02 Sundown Glow from the Precious Pearlescents collection!!

I am loving this very neutral eyeshadow trio and I know it would suit any one!! Its so handy having all three colours in one place and being able to chuck it in your bag for on-the-go use!

In particular, I love the coppery brown. It really reminds me of MAC Eyeshadow in Honey Lust! Take a closer look ^^

I've also heard the darkest brown shade looks a bit like Satin Taupe and I wouldn't be surprised if the lightest shade is similar to All That Glitters!! The Body Shop have really done themselves proud with this awesome trio dupe! The only downside is that because this collection is pearlescent, it has a certain sheen and almost a shimmer to the shadow. I know many girls love their matte shadows so this probably isn't one for you matte ladies, but it'd be a great introduction to more shimmery shadows as these are neutral so will only give a glisten to the eye and not draw too much attention :) It'd also be great for a girl just starting out with make-up, as you get three great shades in one!

I hope that helps anyone looking into getting any neutrals!!

Love love and Sundaylove!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. you're so lucky x]
    i wish i had access to laneige products =(

  2. I wish I could get laneige products too :(

  3. You are so right that hot pink inside the bag is brilliant. Laneige products look really good, I think I will hunt some down :)

  4. @chantee-chan you should check out red ginger cosmetics because they sell Laneige and are based in Canada!!

    @Namby Pamby Dribble facial-shop. com is a great site for getting authentic Laneige at a good price :D (free worldwide shipping!)

  5. @QueenPenelope86 Hehe!! I <3 Laneige! I think I'm slightly obsessed with packaging that's lined with hot pink! XD

  6. OMG I want laneige too! But it is quite expensive so I will buy it when I have money and when I actually run out of some fo my skincare products O_O LOL Great post though Ling! xD

  7. I sooo want to try Laneige! Btw this is Vy/xxvanillacandycane (:

  8. Hey MoonBeam!!!
    Just a quick question, do you happen to know or an estimate of how much Laneige stuff in HK is?? I'm going HK in Oct and I'm running out of the Pore Trouble Refiner. So i'm thinking if it'll be cheaper I'll just stock up there. If not I'll just get it from my usual korean site.
    Thanks in advance!!!