Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sunday Times - Edition #1

As a bid to make sure I keep up with this blog, I have started a feature called "Sunday Times" (how original!) Its partly because the newspaper is awesome but mainly because I always say "______ times" ~ happy times, sad times, good times, fun times etc! So today is Edition #1 and I shall try to write something at least every Sunday when I usually have a little time on my hands with no classes/extra cirricular activies :)

I actually wanted to write another post yesterday but I think two was enough. (Can't believe I have 15 followers already!) Also can't believe how addicting I'm finding blogging again!! Now that I actually have something to talk about, there's no stopping me ^^ So yesterday, I received a package and it was left outside my front door so mother and I didn't see it until the afternoon when she popped out for a second! And I'm very excited to show you what's inside!!

I have been hunting this product for a long time now and finally gave up with running around different Sally's and googled it to purchase it online! There's been so many raves and lovage about CHI's Silk Infusion (CHI standing for Cationic Hydration Interlink) and I have been dying to try it!! I think it has actually been discontinued now which is a bit rubbish since everyone seems to love it so much...

That was all I had purchased (from ALLTHINGSWOMAN) but Jo had also sent me a few little extra goodies! And they all came in these two beautiful red organza mesh pouch bags with gold hearts printed on them. There's a cute little sample spray of Etro Raving :) Its a little too sofisticated for me as I like very sweet scents and its slightly musky so I shall probably pass it onto my mother who will most likely never use it :P

And then a sample of Fenjal La Femme Shower Creme (Lotus) was also included, along with Revlon High Dimension Eyeliner in 03 Bronze Flash which is super creamy and glides on perfectly!!

I got up pretty early this morning (for me on a Sunday) at 7am to follow my parents to the local car boot sale! Father goes every week and is always on the lookout for any watches/clocks. I just thought it'd be nice to have a walk around and a look-see! A little bit of early morning walking never hurt anyone and round a carboot sale is a lot more interesting than just wondering around the housing estate :) We ended up with a couple of clocks, a long picture frame for my brother's university photograph, a brand new canon printer and a glass swan with a head too small for its body XD (Mother liked it as it opened up to store things and it was only £1)

So back onto beauty things, I did a very quick and simple natural look for my little 2 hour wander. (First ever LOTD!!! Wooop!)

Products used:
Missha M Perfect Cover B.B Cream in No.23 Natural Beige

The Body Shop Eye Trio in 02 Sundown Glow

Flat Shader Brush

The Body Shop Eye Definer in 13 Burnished Amber (lower lash line)

Eyeko Mascara

The Body Shop Divide & Mulitply Mascara in 01 Black

The Body Shop Blush Trio in 01 Cool Dusk

The Body Shop Blush Trio in 02 Wam Sunset (as contour shading)

MAC Hello Kitty SE187 Brush

MAC Lipstick in Creme Cup (Cremesheen)

I'm also trying out a technique for waving hair without heat which involves French Plaits/Braids. I split my hair into halfs (minus my fringe/bangs) and plaitted each half. Then put the two ends together and up into a small bun with a hairtie. I slept in the plaits and woke up without much time to mull over taking them out but I thought it looked cute to keep them in (and the carboot sale was HOT from the baking sun! Don't worry, I remembered my SPF!). They're actually still in and I'm kinda scared to take them out... but its okay because I'll be at home the rest of the day and I can wash it out tonight if it looks bad... Maybe another post later on how it turns out :)

Just one last thing, I tested out my sample of The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Serum. On first use, I love the way it instantly softened my skin! I just applied it all over my face before my usual moisturisers and I felt the moisture just being absorbed into my skin! This is something I will most likely be purchasing ^_^

Love love and Sundaylove!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. I used to use the Vitamin E Moisturiser all over..until my mum stole it back from me!!! I need to go out and buy some more!! And 7am wow ouch x3 I got up at 8am and I'm tired already! Sounds like you had fun though, I went to the seafront to see my dad Kayak!
    When I want to curl/wave my hair I always wash it, wait for it to dry a bit and when its still a bit damp, twist it into buns, spitz a bit of hair spray and leave it over night!

  2. Ooh, Ive seen the CHI silk infusion in a store I visited last week, but I wasnt sure if I should get it, so I just got the Iron Guard thingy. I like it... I dont know if I need the silk infusion. If you buy it make a review please :D

  3. chi silk infusion is my holy grail for hair.
    an amazing product! truly.

    the even cooler part is that i bought the 6oz size like you did about 4-5 months ago, use it almost daily, and i STILL have about 1/3 left in the bottle! a little really goes along way and i even have long hair!

    yes, the product is expensive, but it is an investment because it lasts so long and makes your hair so silky and shiny. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

  4. @Goldenwolf my sleeping patterns are so crazy... sometimes I get up at 6am and other times I don't sleep till 7am >.< I tried to do the bun thing once before... my cousin does it and it always looks amazing on her!! I just can't sleep with them in well because my head isn't flat :P

    @Meowraawr I will totally do a review :D (prob a video one though)

    @emmalemma how do you use it?? Mine's still sealed because I'm kinda scared to open it XD I'm not really sure how to use it! Am I supposed to use it for styling? Or just after washing?? Let me know!