Friday, 28 August 2009

I need a hair cut... and inner beauty health!

I know when I need a hair cut when I can do this:

Hehe!! So what do you think of my full fringe/bangs?? I think I'm just gonna stick to the side-swept thing for now :) I used to have a straight cut fringe when I was a lot younger but grew them out as soon as I knew what I was doing XD

(in the garden after a ballet class ^^)

(just about to go into a ballet exam :P)

Anyway, my layers have grown out and I not feeling like I can do all that much with my hair atm apart from straight or curly and nothing too ambitious :( But that's okay!

Onto today's news...
I received a little packet in the post today ^^ Okay, so since I read Vicky's blogpost about Chlorella, a 'new' superfood, I've been really intriged and wanted to find out more! So I set about doing a little research online about this green-algae etc. (The fact that it's an algae kinda puts me off because we have a pond which harbours algae and it smells bad lol!) Now a couple of weeks later, a company selling Chlorella contacted me (finding me via Twitter and messaging me through my website)! The guy really did his research about me :P So he offered to send me a month's supply (500 tablet, 100g net) of Chlorella which arrived today!

Chlorella claims to be "the richest natural source of chlorophyll and an excellent source of iron (which is an added plus for me as I'm a little bit anaemic), folic acid, B12, lutein and essentail amino and fatty acids. " So here's a product I can finally talk about in regards to helping with your beauty on the inside!

(and this is what the little tablets look like ~ bare in mind, I have quite small hands!)

The only downside I see so far is that the recommended daily intake is 15-40 tablets ~ WTF?? Doesn't that sound a bit excessive to you?? I think taking one or two tablets a day should be enough, but 40?? That's kinda crazy. But I am willing to try it as I want to see how it works out for me! So starting tomorrow with 5 tablets (the packet says start with 5 and build up to the 15-40), I will try out this product till all the tablets are gone. (Oh and btw 500 divided by 15 is just over 33 ~ so should definately last you an entire month unless you take 40)

If you are as intriged as I am about Chlorella, you can visit Yaeyama Chlorella online (yes, it is a Japanese brand) here :D

Enjoy your bank holiday weekends!!! (Unless you don't have one, in which case enjoy your regular weekend!)

Love love and innerbeautylove!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. OMG I USE TO HAVE A FULL FRINGE TOO! ZOMG ahahah and you look uber cute in your pic! <3

  2. about the chlorella.. what benefits do you get from it? sounds very interesting!