Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Shine On, Girls!

What do you do when you have a product from a few years ago that you've rediscovered you really love but that the company doesn't make it anymore??

This product ~ Charles Worthington London Results Take Aways Shine On ~ is an "instant makeover super-shine blow-dry spray" which "helps to give instant volume and bounce". I got this in a gift set I received one Christmas, at least 4 years ago and to my dismay, this exact product doesn't seem to exist anymore :( sad times!

(my manicure is still in tact with no chips! tiny bit of fading but barely noticable)

I actually only started using it again because it smells quite nice and I wanted to finish up the bottle to get rid of it but having used it after every hair wash, I am finding that I'm getting complimented (IRL by friends and comments on my videos too) on how shiney my hair is! And by process of elimination (not having changed anything from my hair care routine apart from adding this in), this is the product that is making it shine ^^ To be completely honest, I don't really notice much of a difference. But seeing as it feels and smells nice and seems to be noticed by everyone around me, I think its worth it! (Too bad its not available anymore and I shall now have to think up a new POTW for tomorrow...)

Well, I scoured all the current Charles Worthington London range to find anything similar that resembles it and may have replaced it! I found this on the Boots website. Not sure if its the same thing just with a new name and packaging, but its something I will definately be picking up when my 1/7 of the travel-size 75ml bottle is all gone! It is the only blow-dry spray currently in the range at Boots atm and it does say that, like all Charles Worthington products, it has "glossing shine boosting properties" which sounds VERY promising :) However, it has been marketed as a style control spray and I think I shall have to think about whether I really need it whilst I'm still low on the cash front...

Onto other things, today I was going to make a video but decided against it after feeling miserable and ill after the constant changing weather doing my head in and also the fact that my hair needs a gooooood wash (which it shall get as soon as I've finished this). So instead of wasting the day doing nothing beauty productive, I decided to play around with my false lashes to make sure I still remembered how to put them on so they would stay and look great! It started off badly with many attempts and sticking it far too high on my eyelid and the glue not sticking (a problem I've had before, after leaving the glue to dry too long before applying them) but I finally cracked it!! Don't think I'll be making my tutorial application video just yet, but I am going to try applying them over the next few days and get my practice hat on so I don't embarrass myself on camera XD

With no foundation or face make-up, I did a very neutral and quick look using The Body Shop Eye Trio in 02 Sundown Glow and MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack. These are Eylure Girls Aloud Lashes in Nicola and I adore these. The best shaped lashes I've ever seen/used (which actually isn't that many lol)!! And even after 4 uses, they still look amazing! (I do hope you agree ^_^) The great thing about Eylure is that they always come with a tiny tube glue that you can carry with you incase of lash emergencies! And it seems to be a pretty great glue! My lashes have stuck very well, apart from the first few times I used them when I really didn't know what I was doing and only had the paper instructions and the videos on YouTube. They come off very nicely too and doesn't hurt when you peel them. They definately lasted me a whole night out and you can't feel them!! I would and have recommended these! In fact, they were once my POTW :D

I hope you're all having a great week!

Love love and shinelove!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. omg I didn't even recognize that eye! I thought it was somebody elses eye! Total dramatic change! I likee it <3

  2. I love that range! It smells amazing, I have some shine spray that's really old and I dont want to use it up! xxx

  3. I have never tried the Charles Worthington range as I don't really style my hair apart from curl it with buns so I only have shampoo conditioner and hair spray! My boyfriend has a Tigi hair spray that makes hair super shiney but its a tad expensive so I haven't bought any yet. If you buy this and it works then I might try it out :B And those eyelashes look really nice on you!! I would never buy falsies as my eyelashes are too long as it is :P
    KittyBonkers <3

  4. @Cynthia thanks, sweets!! Hehe LOVE these lashes!!!

    @Caz It does smell goooood!! I hope that other product is the same :)

    @Goldenwolf Charles Worthington has a great shampoo/conditioner range and the two ones I've tried have totally worked and made my hair super soft and shiney!! I'm not such a big fan of Tigi styling products... they just don't work on my hair! And they are a bit costly! You're so lucky to have long lashes!!