Thursday, 17 September 2009

Not quite a girl's best friend...

(Sorry its another super long one. Once again, you can skip the reading and check out the pictures instead!)

There's a little thing about my dad that I find slightly uncommon. He invests in the stock market via ISA and has recently made me invest some too (and I have made some monies from it!). But that's not the uncommon thing...

My father loves to watch those shopping channels. Not just any shopping channels, jewellery shopping channels. And of course, mother and I approve of this greatly ^___^

So not only does he like to watch the glamourous female presenters sparkle from the gorgeous jewellery, he also likes to make a purchase every now and again, which he justifies by gaining money from his shares.

Today, father brought home two lovely Ceylon sapphire pieces. We were both pleasantly surprised (both items for mother but I love to look) when the two little boxes were presented to us.

The first is an 18K AAA Ceylon Sapphire & Diamond White Gold Ring with a total gem weight of 1.32 carats. A beautiful piece chosen by my mother specifically and its really nice!!! XD

The second is a 9K AAA Ceylon Sapphire & Diamond White Gold Pendant with a total gem weight of 2.31 carats. I like the way the diamonds in the centre make a heart shape ^^

Had a lot of fun being a photographer and making my mother pose wearing the ring for me XD She was being all funny about it and had to be particular about everything :P She wants me to help her upload them onto Facebook!!!! Haha!!

I love this one!!! We were laughing so hard because she over acts poses so I was trying to make her do a "gosh" pose but she just looked so surprised XD My camera did some pretty good work with this too, since I couldn't control my arms and body from the laughter :P

When I turned 20 (wow. At first, I wrote 19 there... I'm not as young as I thought I was!), father actually purchased a ring for me. It has 6 colour changing garnets (which mostly always look ambre ~ they only change with different lighting) on it and its way too big for me (we'll soon get it resized) and a diamond in the centre. It's not something I would've picked if I had seen it but I love it and even more especially because father chose it for me.

On a completely unrelated note, I was obsessing over how to make a baked alaska pudding (which I still want to make btw!) but having almost none of the ingredients and not a lot of time, I chose to make some simple meringues instead. I spent ages whipping and whisking the two measly egg whites with around 100g of sugar... only to give up hope after about 20 minutes of arm ache (weakling, I know!) and pull out the electric hand whisk. Which got me to soft peaks in just 2 minutes!!

Currently, my 8 home made meringues are baking in the oven on the lowest possible temperature. The have about 35 mins left of baking (out of 2 and a half hours) and of course when they come out, I shall take pics and post them here...

Sorry that this post was a little unreleted to beauty XD But I thought it'd be a fun thing to share!! I filmed a Graphic Garden look today and that will get uploaded sometime soon. I have two other videos which I made on Monday (a neutral look with a slight twist and a simple French manicure tutorial) to upload sometime aswell. I'm trying to make as many videos as possible before I have to delve into uni work :( I will upload them slowly, with a condition that the latest video has received at least 1,000 views ^^ So keep a look out!!

Also, because most of my Starlings on youtube don't know about my personal channel, I have a very short video which I filmed at the Maybelline event. I forgot to put it into my main event video so I shall put it here and hope it gets some more views :D

Oh my gosh!!!! Something excitable just happened!! Mother was trying to find her mobile (in dad's bag) because she wanted to call my brother and its cheaper using the mobile then the house phone. And she shouted up to me, "Oh! There's another jewellery in here!" So I was a little confused and thought maybe it was a watch or something (I was in a towel after just getting out of the shower XD)and waited for her next outburst... "It's a necklace!" Father came out of the study (or as we call it, the computer room) and not knowing that I had already heard, he said "It's for Ling Ling. Don't tell her." But mother failed. And sighed with disappointment. Much like those whiney kids (like I was) when they go "oooooooooooooohhh" with the sad face :( and pouty lips. Anyway, this is the necklace!!

Yes, those are real diamonds and some form of gold. Father and I were both watching the auction together and so I had no idea he bought it! He did it online (he keeps his laptop in the living room, although he really doesn't need it as he never travels) and I remember they had brought out so many auctions of this item as it was really popular! Not sure when he was planning to give it to me, but I've put it back and after this post it shall go out of my mind, so I can be suprised again!!

On a final note, my favourite gemstone has to be amethyst because I love anything purply ;) However, sapphires are pretty awesome and for those who have said they want to marry me, take note that sapphire and diamond ring is perfect for an engagement ring! (If you can't get hold of sapphires, blue diamonds will suffice :P)My birthstone is emerald, but I don't really like green...

What's your favourite gemstone? Ooh and what do you think of the new layout and fonts etc??

Love love and gemlove!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. Awwww your mum looks so cool! Ahaha weird to say that I can actually kind of imagine how you would be with her since I can sometimes relate it to my own relationship with my mum. And trust me it's crazy :D LOL sorry a bit of rambling there. I think all the jewellery look fab! Especially the pink ring! So gorgeous! <3

  2. You kind of look like your mother =] your father got your mother some nice jewelries!! =]

  3. I love the layout!!!

    My dad is addicted to shopping channels too but he buys stupid things like Hoovers and Saucepans so jealous isn't the word!!

    That ring you got for your birthday is absolutely beautiful =D and the necklace is gorgeous too, I hope you get it soon.

    Rosie xx xx

  4. Aww, you have such a sweet father! My father never gives me surprises...I don't even get B-Day or Christmas presents. So jealous T.T

    I also love the new layout but I prefer if the font was a different colour, preferably darker colours or even white.

    Please check out and follow my blog!

  5. love the new layout!
    your mother is really cute with her poses. i wish my mom is so cheery all the time..she is always so serious both on and off camera..
    anyways, i think my fav gemstone is sugilite cuz the color is a gorgeous purple and is really rare. =)

  6. hahah, i can see the resemblance of you and your mom x]
    your dad is so sweet too !

    mmmm, meringue >:D

  7. jus wanted 2 say the blog is dope and 2 keep up the good work. check out

  8. Hi. Really cool video's you have. (!!)