Saturday, 3 October 2009

Cute Japanese Half Curls

If you have ever looked at Japanese hair styles for medium/long hair, you will very often see a full fringe with half curls, something like this:

(image from Google)

This is the sort of image I associate with the Japanese which I find to be so cute!! So armed with this image in my head, I went to get my hair cut. (See previous post for before and after pics)

So in attempt to recreate the flicks that my stylist did in my hair after she cut it, I came up with this look :P

I was using my GHDs to flick the ends when I found that they were curling more than I wanted them too. So I turned the straighteners a little bit more and a small curl at the end of my hair was formed. Inspired by this, I carried on ribbon curling just a little more than one spiral so the bottom half of my hair was curled :)

Here is the tutorial I made a while ago about how to ribbon curl using GHDs.

One FAQ that I've gotten about this video is "Will it work with other straighteners?"
And my answer is yes. It should definately work but it doesn't mean to say you will get the exact same curls. There are many variables that can and will change the curl you get and how long it will last. These include (but aren't limited to): size of straightener (generally most straighteners are 1 inch), heat/temperature, hair type (thick, thin, fine, coarse etc) and how fast you pull the straighteners down.

Instead of just starting as close to the root as possible, I began curling half way down the hair.

I will try to get Sunday Times out tomorrow, I have many things planned for this week's edition, but I will be busy so it may be postponed until Monday. But it will be here!! Toffee Promise!!

Love love and halfcurllove!
Toffee xXxXx


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  2. Awww so pretty! It's funny because I been doing something similar this past week :D But my ones were more loose and more like waves. I think it works better with long hair though :D like yours! <333

  3. That really helped!!