Sunday, 6 November 2011

Instagram (008)

Hey there!

(my throat infection might be coming back, boo)

But I got a job this week. Nothing exciting, just a little part-time Christmas thing but it's gonna be fun and it means I get money!

White Caffe Mocha on the last day before red cups!

Cut my fringe back in :) I like it but now I can't do the centre parting thing...

I played the "make them float by blowing" game.

Ready to go and spend time with friends!

Went to Battersea Park

For Guy Fawke's Night :)

These look like worms :P
I spent the night with this Nemo cushion!

Finally got my first red cup. *content smile*
I had a little bit of trauma with regards to the Starbucks red cup thing! I waiting until Saturday to get one, but then they gave me a mug because we ate in the coffee house but I really wanted a red cup! I wait all year long for these things. It's not even the drink!!! The actual red cup is the win. Anyway, I kept looking over at them the whole time I was sat there and it was horrible. I'd just been looking forward to it so much and didn't get one the day before because I knew I was getting one then...

Anyway, I did get one today, so I'm happy :)

The quote on the cup read:
every day is a snow day.

Love love and instagramlove!!
Toffee xXxXx

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