Wednesday, 27 January 2010

A day of Events! (Garnier & London Aussie!)

Hmmm... so I've been sat here with this new post open for about 12 minutes wondering how to start this... maybe I should just dive in! Just so you know, it will be a lot of photos!

So, I was invited to two events both happening yesterday. Luckily, both events were at very seperate times so I could make them :)

1. Garnier

In the email invite I received from the PR company was entitled "Garnier blogger breifing". They had a press event going on and so they invited us to go along to this venue and see the new products they're launching. Some of these are already in stores but others are setting sail at the end of January.

The main attraction of this huge launch is their new mineral deodorant. They had some very impressive statistics... this is mainly aimed at women at the moment (although I remember them saying a fragrance free product and a male alternative are in the pipelines!) and they product was given to 208 women to trial. It was all 70-80% with things like recommend to a friend and switch from their normal deodorant.

The set up was awesome! It was like taking us through a mini jungle adventure with the rocks from where the main new ingredient is derived from.

This ingredient is mineralite which when in its powder form takes a little over 60 seconds to soak a drop of water whereas talc powder would take around 8 minutes.

There are 6 variants, tailored to a certain need and each variant has its own scent. The variants: Silky (smooth underarms), Sensitive (hypoallergenic), Ultra Dry (ultimate protection), Extracare (depilated skin), Fresh (intense freshness) and Invisible (anti-white marks).

As well as the deodorants, Many other products are going to be launched too, including hair care, hair colourants, skin care and sun care too. So here are a few more pictures of things to come!!

All the display cases were really cute and matched the theme perfectly, especially at the venue because it was along the banks of the Thames river and it was so pretty as they were presenting the products to us :)

This sun oil is a vintage retro product which they've now brought into this new decade by adding in SPF sun protection and new easier packaging in the form of a spray bottle!

I'm sure many mothers (and daughters alike) will be wanting to get this off the shelves and onto the beaches, and now with the SPF protection, people won't feel so guilty about damaging their skin!

This product looks like it'll be a lot of fun. It's a quick mist of sun protection in a handy travel-size aerosol spray bottle so great for people who need quick on-the-go items!

This is the pot of aftersun I mentioned in my video (I will add at it the bottom when it's uploaded) which smells amazing! Very reminiscent of summer and holidays, so I think this one might be a big seller!

This next product is a natural instant self tanner, using apricot. [If you actually read what I write, good for you!! I know this post is super long but I just wander if people do read or just look at the pictures... but if you are reading this, please leave me a comment with "buttercup" somewhere in it :P thanks!!] It actually smells amazing because of this and I do know that some self tanners are off putting so this is one to look out for when it launches! It comes in two shades, so for the paler skin tones you won't go chocolate :P

There was a cool stand for the new roll-on which I talked about in my previous post and I'm still liking it so far!

They has a bowling alley set up which was really cool! Haha!! I had a go and managed to get all but two to topple over, 'banishing those dark circles' :P

Their Pure Active cool unisex range will be introducing a new product that looks scarier than it actually is :P

The bristles on the head of the bottle look quite sharp, don't they? But I assure you they're not. Super soft, they seem to be made of the same rubbery material that mascara wands (such as Rimmel Sexy Curves, L'Oreal Telescopic, Max Factor Masterpiece etc) are made of these days.

We left with a huge bag of deodorant (which I found funny) but each bag had different products inside :)

2. Aussie - London

Australia Day is the 26th January and so Aussie asked some bloggers to organize an event to celebrate :) There was also one in Leeds. But I'm not sure if there was another one or not... Anyway, the one I went to was hosted by Hannah (London--Rose), Amy (lipgloss86) and Jenny (The Style PA) at The Rainforest Cafe, on Shaftesbury Avenue.

So they planned a great evening with BBQ food, Australian sweets and chocolates, a nail technician, some free drinks and a bloggers catwalk show!! Not to mention a cute little goody bag to take home :D

(I hope one day this froggy will turn into my prince!)

Had a great time and met some great bloggers such as Kavita (iheartvintagex) and Milly (mlle-milly)! There were many other awesome bloggers too but I'm so bad with names and remembering who is who... sorry!! (if I didn't mention you, please leave me a comment and I will add you into the post!)

The Aussie goody bag:

TwinkleTalk video about the event:

Love love and bloggereventlove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. Great post! Looks like you had a lot of fun! :) Buttercup!

  2. omg, seems like you had so much fun! hehe. I've never gotten invited to any events except for Victoria Secret but no one would go with me so I didn't even go =T

  3. buttercup!! :P loved the post xx

  4. Ah it looks like such a fun day! Very sad I couldn't make it to the Garnier launch, but glad you enjoyed the Aussie party, you look lovely in those pics! xx

  5. Wow it looked like amazing fun!! :) And rainforest cafe is such a place to host a party ain't it? And totally loving buttercup!!!!! :P

  6. Aww they both look fun events! I couldn't make it to the Garnier event because of an exam. The Aussie one looked great fun too (though wasn't invited to that one, haha!)

    Oh, and Buttercup :)

  7. They sound like great events. Buttercup x

  8. Ahh buttercup, looks like you had a lovely time! ;) Wish I could have made it to the Garnier event, the set up looks too cool! Might have to pop into The Rainforest Cafe, looks amazing! x

  9. haha looks like so much fun ! and i cant wait to try the garnier roll-on! going to buy it soon hehe and i love buttercups ;)

    The garnier event looks pretty cool! I'm still hoping to try the undereye roll on - let me know how good it is etc?
    And I know how good that aftersun smells - saved me last summer from being too burnt. Although I'm always pretty good :)

    Had a lovely lovely time with you at the Aussie event - told my mum all about you :) And thanks for mentioning me in this post. I need to put up mine tomorrow...LOVE our group photo and your amazing splits!

    M xx

  11. Just watched the whole video and loved it btw - especially your 'blooper' style things at the end, made me laugh :)
    And I can just imagine someone stealing your bag and being slightly confused about the amount of deodorant...! Xx

  12. Ling I found you! Thanks for mentioning me! :D Your pictures are so much better quality than mine :( The Garnier event looks fantastic, wow! Two events in one day, lucckyyy :)
    I'm so glad we robbed that polaroid camera, I love having lots of pretty polarois of us guys :)
    That picture of you doing the splits is amazing! :) I hope to see you at another event soon sweetie ♥

  13. Cute little outfits on the group picture.

  14. Your most welcome!! :)

    Lol I just said how lovely you were, and how you were so nice & kept including me. And when we met it made me laugh how we were like ''re a blogger? ' you're a blogger?' - don't even know if you'll remember!
    &otherwise I used you as an example of a beauty blogger and said otherwise you're a dancer and did this awesome photo at the end in front of the lizard! :)

    Hope to see you too soon!! And I will most definitely keep reading your blog. Looking forward to the video on the roll on - not sure I'll get it in tinted moisturiser though?


  15. love the post & the video, and the garnier event looks amazing!
    so glad you enjoyed yourself at our aussie event! was really lovely to see you again :) and THANK YOU for the article! I now have it pinned to my wall with all our polaroid pics!
    hopefully see you again sooooon xxx

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