Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Lush Cinders Bath Ballistic

This is Lush's Cinders Bath Ballistic. It is most likely unavailable at this time but if its out next year you can look back at this review :D

I got mine as part of my "Free Stuff Aplenty when you spend Twenty" offer. (See post about the other Lush goodies I got here)

So hopefully you can see this orange fiery beauty! It's about half the size of a "normal"-sized bath ballistic but its really cute!

So first thing I noticed is the smell!!! It smells great! Not like a fire, but refreshing and quite citrusy. As I said in my previous post, this little ball contains popping candy. I loved this and although most of the rocks on mine fell off the surface, I was surprised to find more hidden throughout the ball. And I could totally hear the crackles in the water! Haha - it reminded me of Rice Krispies :P

Okay, so I did find a few downsides to this product. One - its not small enough to break up into little pieces so you have to use it all in one bath. Two - baths without bubbles tend to steam up really easily and make me light headed. Three - the colour of the water was really... how do I put it? ... it was really undesirable. Haha XD (okay, it was the colour of pee heehee)

So that's all I really wanted to say about that! Thought I should let you all know.

Ooh also, the other day I used my Candy Cane Bubble Bar. That is amazing!!!!!! That's all I really have to say about that :P

One more thing, I made a little vlog today :) on my other channel. I may post more of these if it gets a good response! So let me know what you think!!

Love love and lushlove!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. Ive heard so much about Lush and it kinda makes me want to give it a try!
    I did go inside one once but the smells were clashing and it was making me feel slightly ill! lol That was well over 6 years ago though I think, so maybe I should try them again.. or order online so I don't have to smell the store!


  2. im starting to think Lush is a one of the greatest inventions for girls lol its everywhere! maybe i should give it a try too :)