Saturday, 2 January 2010

What is UP with YouTube??

Hello lovelies :)

I know I'm really inconsistent with this blog, and I wouldn't be if I did have a lot to write about. It's just that, I find it so much easier and quicker to just talk about things via my mouth. Which is why I find it so easy to make videos. I do love typing though and my wpm has gone down since I started at uni. Possibly when I started taking care of my nails...

Anyway, I just wanted to vent out some frustration, but I can't via video because:
a) I would never want to make an angry video. It's so ugly and such a turn-off
b) I have two dead batteries in my camera and no charger so that's a bust
c) Web-cam is too low quality for me
d) I don't want to be viewed as a negative person and since fewer people read this blog than watch my videos (as I am aware), less of you may see this side of me.
e) I'm not in a fit state atm XD (looks-wise)
f) I am hoping to jump in a tub of bubble in a minute or two!


Dearest YouTube,

You have been good to me for many years now and many people of the world alike. Many turn to you for music videos, cute lol-kittys, funny stories and make-up tips and tuts. But why, oh why, are you not working for so many videos??

Is the pressure too much for you? Is it all Google's fault??

This is a short letter. I just want my videos to work once they've been uploaded...

Your loyal friend and partner,
Anyways, here is the latest tutorial if you manage to see it:
(hint: try clicking the HQ/HD button to turn it on or off)

If it's still not working, here's a couple of photos I took earlier to show you what it looks like!!

I think I'll chuck some Lush Candy Cane in my bath tonight! Weeeeeeeeeeeee :D

Love love and frustratedlove!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. Aw, I hate it when things don't work too! Nice tut, will view later :)

  2. happy new year Ling!! things will brighten up..don't despair =)