Monday, 28 December 2009

A Little Lush Haul ^_^

This was requested by a sweet friend of mine on Twitter (follow me here) about 10 minutes ago :D You can check out her blog (shortiee31), where she posts a lot more regularly than I do :P

I managed to nab myself these goodies from Lush. Some will be donated to friends who got me presents and the rest will be to make me (and my underwear draw) smell good ^^ I bought the two bottles of Snow Fairy and the Christmas Eve Bubble Bar, spending just a little over £20 which earned me a bag of Christmas Lush :D They are all currently hanging out in my room making it smell amazing!!!

So let's start off with the two giant 500g bottles of Snow Fairy! The Lush store (Guildford) that I went to had quite a few of these bad boys left! I absolutely LOVE this shower gel and I would purchase all year round if possible but I think I just might have enough to last me at least half of 2010!!

This is the Christmas Eve Bubble Bar. It definately smells like Christmas and even though I'm not such a big herb and spice fan, this smells amazing. One to go in my underwear draw :)

As the colour suggests, this is Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar. I got this in my Lush haul last year when they did the 'Grab Bag' offer. I really liked it then, although I'd never used Lush before. It turns the water pink and sparkly!

Candy Cane Bubble Bar does look like a candy cane, don't ya think?? Although its not as sweet as I'd like, it's one that I wanted to try! And bubble bar bubbles are worth it, even if the smell isn't!

This white fellow is a Mister Butterball Bath Ballistic. Following in the footsteps of the original Butterball, its the same product but in a different shape! Although a little more expensive, this snowman is much easier to break into smaller chunks so you don't have to use him all at once! (Another scent I'm not too fond of, but he does make your skin feel great!)

When I first heard about Cinders Bath Ballistic, I thought Cinderella and all the pantomimes that come out this year. Pantos are very Christmassy in England and reminds me of winter. (I have been in a few!!) Anyway, back to this explosive treat! It actually is supposed to resemble a burning fire. It has some little jewels of yellow, orange and red popping candy which makes a crackling sound when you drop it into water. (A big waste of popping candy, if you ask me! That stuff is awesome and tastes amazing :P) And the bomb itself is actually orange, but it seems to show up yellow on everyone's cameras!

This lilac monster (which I'd say is about double the size of Cinders) is Jingle Spells Bath Ballistic. It smells like cloves to me. It is encrusted with black and gold mini star sequins and looks really pretty :) This will be off to a friend of mine who has recently discovered that she loves purple!! I think it would be wise to try and use this one in at least its two halfs, because it is rather huge!

This guy is amazing! Satsumo Santa Bath Ballistic is a reincarnated version of last year's Santa but with more weight (too many Lil' Lush Puds if you ask me!) and a new fragance. He's all citrusy and he would make a few very nice refreshing and detoxing baths :D
I love the attention to detail they made with Santa so had to show you his sack and backside :P

Right, so just a quick little hair thing! Recently, I got a new hairdryer. More specifically, a Remington with a diffuser!! I tested it out last night for the first time. I can now safely say I love diffusers and will be trying out a lot of hair styles with this appliance. But for now, here's the basic look that came out. So I started with this:

And diffused it (from damp/wet) to this:(mind my PJs - present from my mother - and not a lot of face because of no makeup XD)It looks a bit wild there ^ but I assure you it dropped enough to look like a natural wave! Unfortunately, I slept on that hair quite soon after I dried it but this morning I woke up to toussled waves at the ends of my hair. Right now, it looks like its been flicked out with a straigtener, but I reckon with a small amount of curl holding product the soft waves would stay in :D So, tutorial coming soon!!

So, what was your favourite Christmas Lush product this year??

Love love and Lushlove!
Toffee xXxXx

(This is likely to be the last post for 2009 so Happy New Year! xXx)


  1. My Xmas fav from LUSH has to be Snow Fairy!
    Oh and I NEED to get myself a diffuser! My old Remmington hairdryer is like 10+ years old so I too need a new one!

  2. snow fairy for sure! loveeeeeeee it!

  3. Oh my lord, I want to go to Lush and do some SERIOUS damage now. Everything you got looks heavenly! Just started following you and I LOVE your blog!