Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Hello Blog Readers!!

How've you been?? Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been caught up in busy times with an essay and other things... and so there's been no Sunday/Monday times lately.

Right. So to start, the first thing I need to tell you guys about is my cousin's wedding!!!! It was a beautiful ceremony and I got to dress up!! Wooop ^^

My cousin and his beautiful bride :D

Me all dressed up!!

This cake was super lush!!! The icing was made of some kind of cream and it was amazing!

How intricate is the bride's hair?? I wish I could learn to do this!!!!

My new friend and I! :D

For my face I just used MAC mineralize blush to help make my skin glow and some neutral browns for eyeshadow and applied some false lashes to make my eyes pop ^^. I didn't want to do really colourful eyes because its the bride's special day, not mine!

Second thing is that now I may have a little free time on my hands, I'm going to try and make a couple of videos to put up soon! So watch out for them on my YouTube channel!!

Thirdly, I have not been shopping in AGES and will be getting a haul in for you sometime soon aswell because there are a few Christmassy things I would like to get myself! (Benefit Powderazzi and Lush's Snow Fairy)

Right, so that's all!! If there's anything else that's only a yule time tradition that you think I should try, let me know! :D

Love love and catch-uplove!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. Aww congratulations on your cousin getting married! :) You looked great for the wedding! I'm exciting! School is almost over, just a week of finals for me and then I get to enjoy the Christmas break! I'm looking forward to the videos when you get a chance to post them!

  2. ohhh.. I love the dress on you! you look gorgeous...congrats to your cousin on his big day too!
    and can't wait to see your new videos and blog posts, have been missing those =)