Sunday, 15 November 2009

Monday Times - Edition #11

Hello lovely blog readers!!

I don't really have too much to update this week. But is this not the oldest retro hairdryer you've seen?? There is no switch on it, its teeny tiny and no brand name either! It still works though but the cable is falling out of the machine :(

This morning, we heard a knock at the door. Father and I thought it was mother forgetting her key or something, but it was DHL! A parcel for me, no less!! YAY!

Inside the package is this tin:

Inside the tin, a message on a card and some Arnott's TimTam Fingers!!!

Finally, I have TimTam(s) to do the TimTam slam! Haha :D

TimTams are kinda like penguins, so I've heard!

Oh yes, the message...

This is what it says:
Ling, Ling, Ling. You love Aussie, right? Of course you do - you're great. But since we know you're a beauty kind of girl,
(not a hairy one)
we want to know what Aussie really means to you. What's beyond the Mmmmm, the Aaaaah? What if Aussie were a look? What palette would it use? How would it be applied? Show us what an Aussie make-up artist would produce, ask your community to
do the same. Revel in your collective awesomeness, then tell us what you've made.
If we like, you could just get very lucky ;)

So, this is me asking you!! Get creative, and make a look for Aussie! It doesn't specify a video or blog so I'm sure either is fine :D Maybe take the Kangaroo as inspiration or even the beautiful purple colour ^^

So beauty-wise, I will be attending my cousins wedding dinner tonight and of course, taking pictures is a must! I shall blog about my look sometime this week :)

Hope everyone's great!
Love love and Mondaylove!!
Toffee xXxXx

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