Friday, 13 November 2009

Neutral Brown Look!

Wow. So this will be my first blog tutorial!! Waheyy :D I've never done a tutorial like this before. And its not actually going to show you how to apply false lashes (which I have filmed instead). But I didn't want to make a video for the shadow look as its very neutral and I just did it because I wanted some tones on my eyes before I filmed. Hope you like it!

The video:

It's a basic three shade look from an eyeshadow trio (The Body Shop Precious Pearlescents in 02 Sundown Glow ~ this isn't available to purchase anymore as it is from the Autumn 09 Collection and they have already brought out the Winter collection). But I have expressed before that these colours are so easily dupeable and its likely that you can find similar shades in any brand you like, its just easier for me to use the ones from one container.

Start with a fresh, foundationed and concealed face. Apply a base or shadow primer if you wish.

Apply the lightest shade all over the eyelid up to the eyebrows. This will make the other shadows blend easily.

With the copper shade, begin at the outer V and blend the shadow over the lid covering about 2/3 of the way.

STEP 4a:
Using the darkest brown, place the brush into the crease and blend from the outside towards the center. This will add depth to your eyes.
STEP 4b:
Pat a little onto the lower lash line aswell.

Fill in your brows using a shadow that is a similar shade to your hair. Use light strokes to make it look natural.

Finish off with a lengthening mascara (I used Collection 2000 Magilength in 17 Ultra Black) which will prep the lashes ready for the false ones :)

Apply your false lashes! If you want to see how I apply my false lashes, you can watch it on my Youtube channel (or above!) :D

Love love and lasheslove!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. you have a really pretty/unique eye shape (:

  2. You have pretty eyes. Is the false lash suppose to be that far away? It seem so out there =T But other than that, I love this look!

  3. Thanks for the tut, I have a pair of false eyelashes that are just begging to be used!

  4. Wooow! Great make-up! wonderful lashes

  5. Hey Ling! Beautiful look
    I just started bloggin and did this look today to go yum cha with parents =D
    check out my blog at

  6. I love how the falsies look! I need to start trying some! =D

    The Body Shop Trio looks like the Physician's Formula Baked Eyeshadow Trio in Baked Sands!!

  7. very pretty look. Its very lady-like yet so easy to do. Great job!~

  8. awesome look!!~ ^^

  9. oOoOo... I really like this look! I also like the eyeshadow trio. It has really nice colors. Oh, and I bought the same lip gloss you use in your video, because it's ,like, awesome!
    And, you are gorgeous! <3