Sunday, 8 November 2009

Sunday Times - Edition #10

Hello all!!

Its been just about 2 weeks since I last blogged. Things at uni have been getting the better of me and so I am not really thinking so much about beauty and products etc. I think during the summer it took over my life because I didn't have anything else to do and so I emmersed myself in this whole online community. Coming back to uni, it has hit me that I haven't been able to make videos and write as much as I wanted to because of having to do so much reading and research for my 5, 000 word essay and my 10, 000 word dissertation. With other people in my house going out every week, I feel like my social life is going down. Even though I have no written exams, the course I am on is supposed to be half practical. However, others at my uni are only getting two 750 word essays in a term and so I am doing more written work in my half practical course than those with a full written course. It just seems so unfair. And things that hit me is when people criticise me because I indulge in products and escape a little from the work I have to do. Is it so wrong?!?

Sorry about that... I shall get onto fun things that you all (thank you, all 191 of you!) follow me to see now :P

Because I haven't been able to do so much makeup wise with being busy and such, my main focus has been on my nails. Last Saturday (31st October 2009) I did a purple French manicure whilst watching a bit of X factor with the girls from next door ^^

The two colours I used are both by O.P.I. The darker one is Parlez-vous OPI? and the lighter is You're A Doll! Both of these are very pretty seperately but a French manicure can make your nails appear longer and give a sleek look.

I changed my nails again today (Saturday 7th November 2009) as I had picked off a bit of my nail varnish after it had begun chipping XD Re-doing my nails is my once-a-week pamper at the moment. I was given this Nails Inc. French manicure set called Miss Nail Bar by my housemate so I chose to try it out. Upon application, the "Wicked White" colour applies quite smooth, but a little sheer to my liking so I had to apply two coats. It took quite a long time to dry and I don't think I left it long enough before applying the "Perfect Pink" over the top. Its a very sheer pink which the packet calls for one or two coats over the white so I opted for two, like I would with any other nail polish. I didn't use any top coat.

However, it has been about an hour and the polish hasn't really set properly and there are now dents in the polish from general wear.

I have only every tried one other Nails Inc. polish before which is a beautiful dark pink called "Picadilly Circus" and although the colour is great, I find I don't reach for it a lot because of the application.
Same with my only N.Y.C. polish in "Manhattan"...

And the only China Glaze polish I've tried "Your Touch" ...

O.P.I. has just given me the best application and works well. The only problem is the price!

Anyway, let's move on from nails to a face of the night (FOTN)!!
So as many of you know, last weekend was All Hallow's Eve, or hallowe'en in the real world XD A group of us decided to be dark fairies but the wings we found were made from black feathers so it turned into dark angels. I wore a black top and shorts with a little bit of sparkle ^_~

Make-up wise, I chose to use a black and purple theme, as purple works very well with brown eyes (and its a favoured colour of mine!). MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow in Young Punk from the Style Black collection, and Collection 2000 Glam Crystals in 7 Rock Chick and 11 Shake It Up! seem perfect for this look!! This is what I came up with :P

I did use false lashes to draw even more attention to the eyes and these are the ones I used.

Although I am still loving Eylure Girls Aloud lashes in Nicola, I chose Kimerbly to try something a little different. These ones look very very natural with my eyes but giving the illusion of perfect curled, long lashes.

I actually haven't tried any other brand apart from Eylure because it seems to be the leading brand here in the UK. What are your favourite lashes to use?
(I will be getting round to doing a falsh eyelash application tutorial video very soon as I have almost perfected my technique, so keep a look out!!)

Other things is that my skin feels like its getting a lot better. I think I only have a few blemishes at any one time, but I still have scars so I'm still wearing foundation. The products that I really feel is making a difference is the day and night creams I was sent from The Body Shop from their Nutriganics range.

Another skin care item that I have really been loving lately is this Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash with Peppermint oil (left, right is for sensitive skin and contains Aloe Vera instead of peppermint). The smell really awakens the freshness of your skin and the foam doesn't scrub the surface but gives a good cleanse. Everytime I use this, I feel very refreshed and clean.

As well as the foaming face wash from this range, the Tea Tree Facial Scrub (also with Peppermint oil) works very wells when you feel your face needs a little exfoliation.

On one last note, Benefit Coralista blush is something I've always wanted to get, just spending the money on it always seems to make me put down the blush and walk out the store without it. However, seeing as its getting close to Christmas, Benefit have brought out a little holiday collection. One of the little palettes is this.

It has Dallas, Hoola and of course, Coralista! However of course they are a little smaller than the normal sized box powders. However, it does still come with a brush, and at £25 it is a steal. But you can't buy things if you have no money! So I've decided to save up for it :D Its something to work towards to anyway!!

What do you think? What's your favourite Benefit box powder??

Love love and Sundaylove!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. wooow
    you have amazing eyes! I love it!

  2. Amazing make up for halloween, nice post ^_^

  3. Aww Toffee don't worry the hard work will pay off in the end! I find myself in the same position and people always say they feel sorry for me but I just tell them 'Hey if I enjoy it and this is what I want to do then there is no need for you to feel sorry for me, it's just like me feeling sorry for you for taking an easy subject just coz you can't do the harder one.' (sorry a bit harsh there but you get what I mean right?)

    I love your costume and make-up! Looks so pretty :)


  4. I only have Coralista by Benefit and I love it, it suits everyone. On the eyelash issue, thre is an offer on in Boots now where you get a Boots number 17 pair of eyelashes (lash name is Electronica) when you buy £6 worth of number 17. Tried them last night and they are natural looking and really easy to use. I can't believe some students only have 750 word essays to do, I had a 15,000 word dissertation, plus essays and exams. Uni is very hard I must admit.

  5. Good luck with uni! Don't get too stressed.

    And your look is very nice! I love purple on you! ^-^ I also love the falsies on you. I still haven't tried falsies XD

    And I remember that Lauren Loves is having a giveaway of that Benefit palette! Take a chance, you just might win and save $$ =]

    Follow me please?

  6. The packaging on the Superdrugs stuff has changed again I have the Tea Tree, Peppermint Oil Toner with Aloe Vera!! I needed a toner and thought I'd try that one as I waas sure I saw one of your videos where you used the range and it worked for you!

  7. Hey Ling! I nominated you for a "Kreative" award on my blog, come have a look!

  8. Hi!

    I gave you an award on my blog as i think your blog is Great

    Sabrina xx

  9. your gorgeous!!

    Love your blog!!!!

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