Monday, 12 September 2011

Blue Moon Cherries NOTD

Not a big fan of cherries myself, but this nail design is too cute to resist!
And once in a blue moon, I will adorn the super easy to create and adorable cherries :)

So here's how you can create this design too!

Step 1: Paint the nails with a base colour.
Choose a light colour so the cherries really pop off the nail. I used Blue Moon 317 by Barry M. I actually had to use three coats to achieve this opacity.

Step 2: Dot on the red.
Using a dotting tool (or substitute e.g. hair grip) place two red dots relatively close together, they can touch on the nail. Pink works really well too, if you find yourself absent of a red polish. I used China Glaze China Rouge 77011. For the thumb, I did two pairs of dots as there is a larger surface area to cover.

Step 3: Add the green stalks.
Using a thin dotting tool (you can use a cocktail stick or toothpick) draw green lines to make the cherry stalks. I used MEMEME Metallic Ultra Gloss Nail Polish in 1 Emerald.

Step 4: Make those cherries shine!
To make the cherries look shiny and 3D, add a little glisten line of white polish in the top left of each cherry using a fine nail art brush or cocktail stick. I used Inglot Nail Art Enamel in 29.
(This step can be skipped if you like!)

Step 5: Apply a top coat :)
To seal the design and to prevent premature chipping cover the nail with a clear top coat when dry. I use 17 Double Gloss Top Coat.

And done!!

Do let me know if you try it and post a picture on my Facebook page - I would love to see them!

Love love and cherrylove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. so pretty! on the search for more nail art tutorials and always find myself back on your blog/YouTube as you make it seem so easy haha :)

    hope you're well! xx

  2. Hey Ling it's Moomrin from Youtube! I really like your blog if you have time visit mine. Oh and love the nails :D

  3. So cute Ling! :D Love cherries!

  4. So cute! I wish other bloggers would do tutorials like this, it's so helpful! :) x

  5. cute. i hope you can follow my blog too