Tuesday, 7 December 2010

New products to show off!!

Hello there! Thanks for reading and welcome to all!

I have some new products, (some I bought, some were given to me) to show you!

First up is this gorgeous nail polish which I was given by a Brazilian friend! Unfortunately, we can't buy this brand in the UK...

However, if you ever find yourself in Brazil, you can pick up this super cheap brand Impala (for about 50p each!) in most stores that sell cosmetics there :)

The colour I have on is called 'Le Rose' and is a very milky pinky-lilac shade! I have to say, it looks quite cute on my short rounded nails :)

So as I was running out of my Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation, I found myself getting a new one. I LOVE the shade match of this tone (Nude 021) but it seems slightly more ashy in the new bottle... I hope its the right shade still! Think I prefer the shape of the older bottle, but oh well! It still has the pump and hopefully the same formula!

After seeing adverts for this (and Maybelline was 3 for 2 - housemate got something too!), I thought I should try out the Superstay 24 Hour foundation. This has a BIG claim. And if the shade is the same as my Dream Satin Liquid, then possibly a new fave foundation? The fact that it stays put for 24 hours sounds great and that means no touch-ups and no worrying that your skin is becoming uncovered throughout the day! Especially if you don't have the time to check/fix your face every few hours. I will be trying this out very soon :)

Now, you may have seen that Eyeko has brought out a lot of new launches and re-launches lately! Here are a few things I'm loving from their current range!

This is one of the Eyeko cult products - Eyeko Fat Balm. This is a tinted lip balm and cheek tint in one handy stick that fits easily into a pocket or bag! Don't you love the cute little box it comes in?

There's 6 shades to choose from which all have their own little symbol too! The one I'm showing you is Toffee, the perfect peachy-nude colour that sits great on the cheeks (I am slightly biased towards the name of this shade... but you know how I am about names)! I've also tried it under my blush, which is great as it helps to keep the colour there for longer! It's not too sticky either and the other 5 shades are Frosting, Cherry, Raspberry, Strawberry and Minty!

Speaking of cheeks and blusher, Eyeko has brought out a trilogy set called Cheeky Colour! My favourite out of the three is My Coral Crush, which is a gorgeous peachy-pink toned duo mineral baked powder.

(The other little item in there is Eyeko's Liptastik Glossy Lip Pen in Loud Mouth which is a sweet rose pink. It's just like a lipstick but in a pencil shape which is super easy to glide onto lips and creates the perfect pout!)

This shade doesn't actually have a big contrast between the two shades in the pan, and I sweep my brush over both to mix before applying. I tried to get a good picture of the two shades but this was the best I could do! Maybe I should give you guys a swatch or two... (These should be in my next post!)

As you can see, the pan lifts up and underneath you get a brush which is horrible quality and will not be used except in dire circumstances. The bristles feel cheap and scratchy!

Underneath the pan, there is a little mirror which is great for on-the-go use if you're running late or need a touch-up. I really like the quality of the blush, and this definitely counteracts the horrible brush that comes with it and so many other great eyeshadows and blushes!

Can you see a running theme here for the new Eyeko products? Grey packaging!! I'm not a big fan of grey, but the darker the grey the better. I can live with these and I like that they're not too striking to pull out of your bag. It also does bring a more mature feel to the products, but still cute and not just gimmicky as I know there is great quality to the formulae inside!

If you do want to get these products from www.eyeko.com don't forget that when you spend over £15, 12 Euros or $20 you can receive a free gift with your purchase by entering the code E2034 into the Ambassador code box at the check out! x

Love love and newproductslove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. I love the color of your nails *.*
    All the makeup its beautiful!!!

  2. I've never tried Eyeko but it looks amazing! I'll have to get some for xmas. xD I use Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse. I think Dream Satin Liquid is the UK version of this.

  3. i really want to try eyeko products, next time i'm in superdrug i'll pick up something.
    i really don't like the dream satin liquid foundation!!

  4. I want to try the eyeko lip pencil. It sounds so unusual. :)

  5. i have both those maybelline foundations too! I think I 24 superstay:) xx

  6. I really want those eyeko fat balms now!

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    I'm following you!