Friday, 7 May 2010

Sleek Makeup Event!!

Well hello!

I'm sorry it's been such a long time since I wrote you, I hope you'll forgive me!

As I am currently typing, a beautiful song is playing (which I stole from the current May 2010 Special K advert on British TV) called Sunny Day by Joy Williams! It's so happy and would be a great song to go into your 2010 summer anthems album! Haha :D Today, I realised it's been a year since Lindy (aka Bubzbeauty) held her "What makes you happy?" contest (which I won) when I created probably my favourite video that I've ever made! I feel I should make a new one for this year and I'm always on the look out for sweet songs that I could make videos to! Hot Air Balloon by Owl City would be another great contender!!

Enough of that now, Ling! Come on, we want to hear about the event!!
(I actually have a video explaining this if you are a bit lazy like me and don't feel like reading right now! There are also two other videos which are a vlog of the day! These are all at the end of the post so scroll down for that!)

So Sleek Makeup is a brand I've known about for a while now. It's never really caught my eye as I've walked past in Superdrug, but I've heard/read a lot of great things about their palettes and jumped at the chance when they invited me along to their event so I could really get to know the brand and products!

It was awesome! So fun, and to be honest, I've never come to expect anything from these events other than promoting their current and latest edition products but this just blew me away!

We were swept into this very swanky bowling alley where they had hired a private area which came along with its own bar and lanes!!

The 5th of May 2010 afternoon was split into two sections. The first was probably the best part for me where we were split into three groups and got to visit different 'stations' if you like!

The first one I went to was the make up artists! They had two, one to match foundations so we could take the right colour home, and one to show us how to recreate a look using Sleek products! This was really interesting to see and I picked up a few tips :)

The second 'station' for my group was the lab! They brought all this equipment from their university and showed us how to make lipsticks, lipgloss and eye dust! Really exciting to see the scientific part of makeup (if you didn't know, I have always been a rather passionate scientist lol!) and how it's created! I got some great footage which you can see in my vlog part a!

'Station' three was where we encountered their current and upcoming product range. We got to play, swatch, test and try the products! I got very excited by the nail polishes, tinted lip conditioners and eye dusts!

check out our sexy bowling shoes!

The other part of the afternoon was the most exciting part of the day - the big bowl off!! Let me tell you something, bowling is not something we bloggers do very often! With our preened and polished nails, strong bowling isn't a regular event in our lives! Many of my team ended up with a broken nail or two! Even I did :(

I'd like to congratulate the 6 prize winners :D and I hope Sophie and Milly have a great time in NYC at the makeup show! Take lots of piccies and have an amazeballs time!!!

They also had a suggestion board up (but I forgot to suggest anything... oops! my bad) and two little white macbooks where we could tweet, blog and vlog! I totally had to vlog as I thought this was an awesome idea! Here it is:

And of course, we all got sent home with a Sleek goody bag!

I am so excited by the new brush belt filled with their professional line of brushes which will be out shortly, along with the limited edition Circus divine palette!

I decided to model the brush tool belt along with the makeup book for you :P

Hehe I did a thumbs up in the mirror XD this one is with flash btw!
and this is without flash :)

This little set of Sleek goodies will be up for a giveaway very soon, so make sure you follow my blog to get in with a chance of winning them :D

Want more details??
TwinkleTalk ~ Sleek Event!

Vlog ~ Part A

Vlog ~ Part B

Love love and Sleeklove!!
Toffee xXxXx

P.S. Here is everyone who attended if you wish to check out their blogs/youtube :)

I made everyone do a funny face pic :D

(Not in order...)
Seyi and Cheryl@
Sarah Smith @
Milly Tomalin @
Sophie Collis @
Sabrina @
Leanne @
Louise @
Fei @
Yinka @
Zara @
Didi @
Samantha @
Hannah @
Fleur @
Charlotte @
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  1. Such a cuteee post lovey! Was so nice meeting you and I promise you, many piccies will be taken in the Big Apple! May try my hand at vlogging too! :)
    Love that makeup brush belt! :) hehe.

  2. Looks like an amazing day! I can't wait to see the pics of NY x x

  3. really cute, and the whole photo-shoot is awesome! Great blog dear, congrats! Would you like to visit mine, and why not follow each-other? Let me know: makeup artist in Sydney