Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sunday Times - Edition #13

Oh dear. How long it has been since I wrote a Sunday Times post. I knew I would never keep it up! Nevertheless, I still blog on the occasion and today is one of those occasions!

I have a mini haul-ish thing that I thought I should share with you, but being a Sunday, I don't really want to put on makeup (and I'm too self-conscious to do entire videos without slap on, especially since my skin is a little bad again) and film so I took some piccies and thought you might like to see my photography skillz in actionz!!

Firstly, you might've heard that Topshop has begun to stock its own makeup range! I wasn't too excited about this at first, but after seeing other hauls and the cute packaging, I went along to check it out myself. I was very anxious to see these items and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I've made a little haul video which you will hopefully see below :)

I've had a few comments about the "cheapness" of the packaging. I have to disagree about that, as when you touch it, it doesn't feel cheap. The actual products themselves are pretty good quality for a clothing brand (not that I've really tried many others) and who cares if the packaging looks cheap? You don't see the packaging when its on your face!!

Anyway, the lipstick I picked is probably the best nude I have found for me. My skin tone and lips are pretty different to most people and so I've swatched the three nude-y lippies that I own:

Revlon Matte Lipstick in 001 Nude Attitude, GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick in 134 Darling and my fan-dabby-doodle new Topshop Lipstick in Desert

(Actually, when I went to MAC, I swatched Creme de Nude and it looked bad on my hand and on my lips! Definitely one that does not suit me!)

From the actual sticks of lip colour, you can see that GOSH Darling is the lightest, Revlon Nude Attitude is Medium and Topshop Desert is the peachy-est and darkest which is reflected in the swatches below.

Also, the finished of the three lippies are very different! GOSH has a very shiny and glossy finish. I find it slides around a lot on my lips and comes off quickly. The Revlon lipstick is super matte, and I feel it dries out my lips which is NOT a good look at all! You'd have to cover it with gloss to keep from drying, but that defeats the whole matte look... But I really do think the Topshop lipstick has got it just perfect for my needs with a matte look without being drying. It feels creamy when applying and has quite good staying power! There's no harm in having to touch up every now and again! ^_~

On Thursday, Carnaby Street were doing a sale promotion where most of the shops were doing a discount, including MAC! So I went along with Fei (peonies and lilies) and bought a few items!

I got two new lippies (although one is for a friend's birthday present) and an eyeshadow to help fill up my MAC palette!

The lipstick I chose for myself is Sweetie which has a Lustre finish. It's a sweet pink which isn't too dark and Fei got the same shade aswell! It looked gorgeous on her when she was testing it! I adore the sweet vanilla-ry scent of MAC's lip products!!
The one I chose for my friend is Speed Dial which has a Cremesheen finish. Cremesheen is a nice formula and the last lippie she got from MAC was Chatterbox which she found quite dark on her, but only because she wasn't used to having such pigmented lips! I picked this by comparing it to Chatterbox which is a touch or two darker than Speed Dial. (No swatch as it is a gift and I don't want to touch it!)

The little eyeshadow I got is Beauty Marked! I've wanted this one for quite some time now and glad I finally got it! It has a Velvet finish to it and is described by MAC as "A deep blackened red with a sparkle/twilight effect" ! Sounds very magical, don't you think?

I, myself, would describe this as a charcoal black with purple sparkles, perfect for a smoky eye look! It sits perfectly in my purple MAC family in my palette underneath Trax! I still need to replace my Stars 'n' Rockets :( and possibly purchase Tempting to fit in my neutral shimmery column!

(The purple next to Trax is Memorabilia which is being re-promoted with MAC's Pret-A-Papier collection, I believe!)

I thought I'd show you a little NOTD pic or two!
This pattern isn't as elegant as I hoped it would be, but maybe I just need to practice more with the nail art brushes!

I used Topshop Nail Polish in Art School and my two Inglot Nail Art Polishes in White and Black!

Here is a basic step by step guide:
1. Paint your nails with base coat
2. Paint your nails with a base colour (Topshop Nail Polish in Art School)
3. Use the white and draw one vertical stripe just off centre and two horizontal stripes, one near the top and the other near the bottom
4. Use the black and repeat what you did with the white but to the sides of the white stripes
5. Apply top coat :)

I am totally loving the Topshop Nail Polishes currently and I've found the formulae to be pretty good!!

Right, that's me done for the day!!

Have you got any of these products?
What do you think of the colours I chose??

Love love and haullove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. I have decided I am never going to purchase any lipsticks or lipglosses from anywhere else apart from MAC! Any other ones I purchase I never seem to use because I don't like the scent or consistency, MAC never disapoint me :) Btw, I LOVE Sweetie lipstick!
    Your nails look very cute! :)

  2. Amazing post

  3. I reaaaally like that nail pattern. The color combination is beautiful.

  4. WOW super nice post!! I like the nails as well!! Hope u could follow my blog as well. Thanks! im following you now!


  5. Omg! Love it. Just wanted to say that i've been watching your videos on youtube for like 3 days now and you're soo cute. You're really dooing great tutorials and stuf. I've already been watching about 30-40 videos and it's amazing. :D I mean, you really learn a lot! Just wanted to say thank you for that and if you'd like to know i'm 18 and live in sweden and i'm soo jealous of you brittish accent. It's soo cute. I just wish i was born in uk.

    hugs and kisses!* Emma

  6. Wow great haul! I love the nails, creative design especially with the colour against it!
    Which reminds me.... I'm in need of some nail art polish :(
    Just started following you! I would love it if you followed back ♥!

  7. love the nude lipstick colors! come follow me xoxo

  8. i like the revlon lipstick, its great.