Tuesday, 6 July 2010

I blame Coco (update and contest!)

things I need to do today:
- remove crappy nail polish that looks digusting and paint a fresh new coat of pretty polish!
- get a new nectar card as mine is lost
- contact a girl about a review I don't currently have time to do
- get a new phone charger cable as mine is breaking and fails to charge my phone
- talk about a blog contest on in my next post

Okay, so hello readers!!

I'm sorry it has been so long! I will try to blog a bit more often now that I don't have Molly with me (she's my laptop and she's at my brothers!) - we currently do not have wireless internet at my house because our router broke a few weeks ago and the cable doesn't work with Molly because its not been set up for some reason? I am not too sure, but Molly can not get internet at my house currently.

Right, so bascially, I have ten minutes before I begin work and I wanted to rant. I do love a big rant and usually this is beauty related but its my blog and I'm allowed to do whatever I like! :D
(Sorry if you don't want to hear about my day. Actually, I'm not sorry but you can skip to the end about the blog contest I'm holding instead!)

The ten minutes I had before I began work I used to type up the competition! I actually ran over a bit but no one else was in so it was okay! (keep schtum everyone ^_~) Anyway, my dad started off really bad. But there was a package for me needed to be collected as it was Recorded Delivery - which means I'm getting something exciting.

As I stood amongst the dull grey and black suits in my cerise jumper and jeans, I thought about writing this post. I pondered what I should include and my day got better. It helped that the driver of the tube I was getting was smiling. I laughed at how my journey turned out! I had to change a few times, get off a train, get on another train and again etc and then finally I made it to work. Wow. This post is boring me already. Are you snoozing?

It is now currently my lunch break so I'm sat at the computer eating my ham sandwiches and typing. Did you really need to know that?? Our animal calender has a really cute picture today too!

I think that's all for now. There are two new videos I'm planning to film sometime this week when I can finally talk properly: a) Toffee's Top Ten (June 2010) and b) a dry shampoo review/tutorial! So look out for those.

I think people should have lessons in public transport ettiquette! You know, common sense things like letting people off the carriages first before getting on. Oh well. I just have to deal with people standing on the poles so my hands get squished or so that only the high poles are within my grasp, but I still can't reach them because I'm too short :'( so I get bashed about because the tube is jerky and then have to say sorry every 5 minutes... if you ever find yourself in this position, BEND YOUR KNEES. Even slightly. It will totally help with the falling over thing :)

I have some new purchizzles which will be with me soon and I will try to blog about it since I can't video right now really. Anyway, you can keep up with me on Twitter if you like! I update when I can - which is A LOT. :D

Blog Contest:
So the title of the post "I blame Coco" is a little poster thing on the side of a green electric box (used to power street lamps, I believe) which I see everyday I walk into work.

Now, I believe it means "I blame Coco Chanel" because I don't know any other famous Cocos, except the chocolate but that of course would be spelled "cocoa" anyway. This sign always makes me smile and reminds me of a quote by Marilyn Monroe: "I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot." What I would like you to do is come up with a phrase on who YOU blame (must be someone famous so if I don't know who they are I can look them up!) and why and leave me a little comment on this post! So, for example: I blame MAC because they're mineralize skinfinishes are so good and I have to have them all! - that did take me like 3minutes to think up, so try and be a bit more inventive if you can!

(upon research, I've found that "I blame Coco" is actually the name of Coco Summers' (Sting's dauughter) band. Oh well, I'm keeping my competition as it is!)

The prizes:
There will be three prizes - I'm not sure what I'm going to include in them yet, but I will definitely do a post about them sometime soon.
Prize A - This will be given to the winner chosen by me!
Prize B - This will be given to the runner up, again chosen by me!
Prize C - This will be given to a random commenter chosen through random.org!

So get entering!!

Please only comment once. I can't control this but if I feel you have commented more than once, I will remove you from the draw.
Please do not copy! You can use the same person/thing to blame, but I wanna see different inventive answers! However, unique answers will have a better chance of winning!
Please do not blame me! Entries will get penalised for trying to suck up :P
Please be a public follower of my blog via Google!
Please have permission from your parent/guardian before entering this if you are under 18 and please tell me in your comment!

This will be open until 11.59pm 31st July 2010!!

Good luck and I look forward to your entries!

Love love and blamelove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. I blame Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau for inventing the www meaning that I spend far too much money without leaving my house!http://www.boutell.com/newfaq/history/inventedweb.html

  2. Thesedays i stopped checking my mails daily,now i am more into some blogs which i read regularly for updates twice/thrice a day,taking most of my time online,used to browse different things in that time before.
    i dont know who to blame,myself or those bloggers who make me stay online checking blog posts.

    Nice different giveaway!!

    username- ks sn
    email- kssn31@gmail.com

  3. i blame Cleopatra for inventing the art of seduction because not only do i have to to feel like a dork talking to a guy but now i have to feel like a dork trying to be sexy and sophisticated in front of one.

  4. I blame Paula Begoun for making me more curious about skincare ingredients. Now, I will stand for a long time at supermarket aisles examining each and every single ingredients on the back of the product, making sure there is nothing there that will irritate my skin.

  5. I blame Bubbi for my addiction to Youtube, MAC, Laneige, Benefit and various other asian and western beauty products. She was the first Youtube guru I found and started watching and while I love watching her videos and the videos of other gurus I have found since I began this spiral into all things beauty I'm afraid my wallet is now constantly empty and quite sad :(.

  6. I blame fafinettex3. She was the first beauty related youtubber that I started following. Before that, I was naive, and I used all drugstore cosmetics thinking that there wasn't anything better out there. Now, I wish I could stop the insanity.

  7. i just found out what i blame coco actually is. its the stage name of sting's daughter coco sumner, learn something new every day!

  8. I blame Kevyn Aucoin for my eternal love of make up. Back when I was a tiny tot I'd see him on TV hawking his books and I was determined to get that good.

    I'm still aiming for that perfection, but hey. I've got a thing for Mana (Japanese VK/Goth/etc guitarist.) Drag Queens/Cross dressers in the USA just aren't as fabulous as those in Japan.

  9. I blame Sephora for being so fabulous while I spend hours hmmming and humming on what to buy and leave with only one thing as it's all I can afford! :)

  10. I blame my ipod for my current state of affairs because I have no affairs meaning I have no love life because the ipod is the love of my life:D..

  11. I blame Woody Allen for saying "If you're not failing now and again,it's a sign you're not doing anything very innovative. " because now my life is better,I feel good when do something wrong because I knwo that I will learn from it. :)
    And I guess I should post a make-up related thingy,I blame xteener from youtube,seeing how make-up can enhance your beauty I started being good at it. :)

  12. I blame lady gaga, because she has such an amazing mac lipstick out, but I don't need it!! Because I can't wear the color and I know it will end up in the back of my closet!

  13. I blame Katy Perry because she got me hooked on her song, Californa Girl which is such a catchy tune=)

    email: lisang91 AT hotmail DOT com

  14. I blame youtube! For creating so many make up gurus who persuade me to spend all of my hard earned wages on make up and influence me to spend so long putting it on I'm late for every party/get together I go to!

    I do look fabulous though ;)

  15. I blame Mark Ronson for winning best British male solo artist in 2008 because he actually doesn't sing in any of his songs! >< Hahaha, lol jk :]

    Love Alex ^_^ ~ xxx

  16. I blame you, Bubbi, and Jen (frmheadtotoe) for getting me into Korean makeup and skincare...and for giving me more reasons to watch Youtube.

  17. I blame...stalls in the middle of malls (ftw?).
    Seriously. I'd be about 40 bucks richer if I hadn't been dragged in by a Konad seller from a stall yesterday. I didn't even want to buy it...but you simply can't flee!
    Thankfully I always wanted a Konad set. But they're just so pushy. D:

    (By the way I mention $ here, I'm away on holiday to US but I live in UK incase this isn't international.)

  18. I blame Benefit, I loooveee benetint and their cute packaging. All their products have cute retro 50's theme on them, they also have some pretty awesome names for their products! If I had all the money in the world.......Benefit WILL be MINE!!!! :^b

  19. I blame Twilight for setting my standards for a man too high and now I have to live alone as a independent woMAN!

    (even though im not obsessed about it anymore... now its makeup!)
    Thanks Ling, Glad you are back!!!

  20. I blame Lush last Christmas for me being poor a week before Christmas and not being able to buy as many presents for my friends and family as I wanted to. This was due to their wonderful smelling Christmas range which I had only seen and smelt for the first time in 2009.

  21. I blame lollipop26 for being the first makeup guru i ever saw and now i have become obsessed with watching tons of gurus on a daily basis. I spend many hours learning new tips and tricks and lusting after various hauls.

  22. I blame myself for being so weak and unable to resist temptation. I fall for (almost) everything I read or hear from beauty gurus on YouTube and here on blogger. This results in my bank balance deteriorating into recession but my love for make up and skincare increasing. So I guess I'll blame you wonderful people too XD x

    Hope you're well Ling :) xx

  23. i blames the Joneses cause keeping up with them is awfully pricey

  24. I blame Jane Austen and Colin Firth:
    "She is tolerable I suppose, but she is not handsome enough to tempt me.." (Colin Firth in Pride & Prejudice BBC 1994). Ever since hearing that line I've decided I would try any product to become handsome enough to tempt him :)

  25. I blame leighton meester cause her style is so pretty shes like my idol im under 18 just so u know luv ur videos

  26. I blame Japanese anime male characters for setting my standards high and unrealistic for males in real life and wishing anime male characters were real. :)

  27. I blame the Walt Disney-The Person-for making what came to be the most addictive tv channel in the world. I know im going to be watching Disney Channel til i am old, same with the theme parks.

  28. Im under 18 but have permisson-forgot to mention sorry :(

  29. I can’t blame anyone for making me buy makeup and clothes I end up loving but I can blame…
    2NE1 (South Korean girl group) for their unique funky style and for making me buy too many excessively weird clothes that I can never wear out, and candy coloured lipsticks and eyeshadow that don’t suit me and I can’t pull off.
    (Although… I still try to wear them! I don’t like to waste things!! ^.^ kekeke)

  30. I blame the ridiculously high prices for cosmetics in Australia for making me choose between not being able to try new things that may work wonders and having no money for anything else.

  31. I blame 'The Laughing Cow' because I want to be all around the world just like her...

  32. I blame my parents for spoiling me so much making me take the things around me for granted. I now know the true value, and I work hard to earn the beautiful things I buy which makes it even more rewarding.

    Thank you for your generosity Ling :)

    KK, XOXO