Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Hello! It's been a long time... well not really :P

Hello 500+ followers and thanks for reading/viewing :)

Somehow I find myself drawn to this every time I come to the southbound Bakerloo Line platform at Baker Street XD Unfortunately, it has been a week and a bit since I drafted this post and the poster has now changed... Also I'm no longer travelling to Baker Street as the Hammersmith&City/Circle Lines are suspended for the area of travel that I need to get to.

I went to see it last Thursday (22nd July 2010) with my mother after my graduation! I enjoyed it but I won't pay to go to see it again. Mother said it was good but I don't think she really understood the story much since she hadn't read the books or seen the previous movies!

Anyway, you know the thing Lorraine Stanick does with her hands when she does her outfit of the day clips where she feels her inner thigh when she wears jeans or shorts? Boy, does that feel really good! Try it next time you're wearing jeans. Trust me.

Because I've been having to get up early, I've minimised my makeup routine to just include a few quick products to make me look presentable enough but which cuts down the time I have to get up so I get longer in bed :P

This is what I drafted before:
" Yday I woke up late and so supported the very neutral look with just foundation, powder to set, a bit of lipstain (only on the lips), one goldy reflective eyeshadow as a wash all over the lids and mascara!

Actually wearing a very similar look today, just added MAC mineralize skinfinish in Refined to make me look less 2D (the just foundation look is not a good one, as I found out in high school when my friend came in looking so pale and washed out!) with some form of contouring!

And I'm totally loving Sleek's New Skin Revive Foundation (for your reference, I'm the shade Sand)! "

Which kinda brings me onto the next thing I wanted to talk about!

So I heard Sleek was throwing a little foundation matching event in central London on Monday 26th July 2010. (I saw their tweets about this last week - Thursday/Friday I think!)

I went with a friend, Larissa, who writes a Brazillian blog in Portuguese!

Her nails matched her dress :P
We were both matched to their Creme To Powder foundation. The Sleek website reads: "A full coverage smooth concealing foundation. The oil-free emulsion transforms into a flawless and matte powder finish. Apply the foundation all over the face to achieve a natural flawless look. 9g"
This foundation retails for £6.99 and it just so happens I'm looking into a compact foundation for on the go that I can take whilst travelling to and from work! I was matched to the shade Barley which I shall be purchasing when it's available. (I found it weird that they didn't give us the foundation or that we couldn't run to the nearest Superdrug to get one!)

A great thing I've heard about is that Sleek are doing tester kits for £2 I believe so you do not have to buy a full sized product if you do not know what your shade is.

Larissa and I, also both received two Sleek iDivine Palettes and two eye dusts each! We were allowed to pick one palette and the other was just the Original palette. There was only a choice of three left by the end of the day when we went but I managed to nab the last Curious palette! I used some of the eyeshadows this morning :)

And I posted a video about it (which is quite bad quality...) along with a mini update and ramble about Rimmel's new scented nail polishes which I currently LOVE!!!

Enough of rambling! Picture time!!!

Warning: There are lots! Pics from my grad, visiting Southend beach and other random times I wanted to share :)

Opted for a neutral look with red lips to match my gorgeous red Reiss skirt that my sister-in-law got me :)

Outside our house and showing my outfit!

With my parents in my robes!
Mum kept taking pics so I got annoyed and made a sad face XD
Holding my degree after graduating!

Bought with a donation to a charity helping sufferers of breast cancer

Mud-laden feet at the beach :P

It was a gorgeous day!
Had to pout at this strawberry! It was heartshaped :P
(of course I ate it!)

At the castle at Tower Hill :)

Tower bridge!
The old city wall :)

I will hopefully get a 'real' video out this week :)

Love love and bloglove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. I have never tried the sleek foundations will have to now...
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  2. Congratulations on graduating! The pictures are amazing, and that red skirt is gorgeous! Glad you had fun!

  3. hey really want to try that sleek foundation and oh btw can you explain Lorraine Stanick inner thigh thing just curious or post link to the clip thanx x greatt post

  4. congrats on your graduation hun :)
    blog award and tag for you :)

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