Thursday, 19 August 2010

A little bit of nail art #

Please excuse the bad quality piccies, as these were taken with my breaking 2G iPhone! (I'm on the lookout for a white iPhone 3GS so if you know someone getting rid of one, please let me know!)
I recently received a blogger sample pack from Viva La Nails and some of the things I was sent were adorable! I wanted to try a few of them out straight-away so here are pics of me wearing the 3D flower stickers that came in my pack!

Nail art stickers are great for a quick design that will get noticed and complimented!

(My little finger isn't missing a flower, the design is just leaves! I thought a smaller design looked cuter but it kinda just looks like the flower dropped off! Incidentally, one petal has come off both my first fingernail and my ring fingernail!)

(a blurry close-up shot!)

I used a different one for the thumb :)

I used Eyeko Tea Rose Polish as a base colour and then sealed over the top of the sticker with Eyeko Petite Polish!

So after applying two layers of Tea Rose Polish, I added a sticker to my nail, using my nails on my other hand! Ideally I would've used tweezers, but I didn't have any to hand and couldn't be bothered to go hunting for them at the time... Then applied a thin layer of Petite Polish (which is quite a sheer colour but the pigmentation shows up more obviously on other colours) to seal the sticker onto the nail.

3D nail stickers do look cool but I'm not sure I like the effect. I don't like feeling bumps on my nails and the fact that they are easily peeling off (another petal is peeling from my first finger) even after sealing it again last night with a thick layer of my favourite top coat (17 Double Gloss Top Coat) is really not ideal for me! However, I do like the flatter stickers and I hope they will last a bit longer :)

This last pic is just to show the difference in colour when Eyeko Petite Polish is layered over Eyeko Tea Rose Polish :) It added a light touch but doens't look washed out and actually rather lightens up the polish quite nicely!

I'm sure I will have some other nail designs using Viva La Nails products, but check them out here if you want to see the other designs they have!

Also, if you wanted to get some Eyeko products (I love their Big Eyes Mascara and the finish on the nail polishes - which is weird since I'm a bit of a snob with polishes and mainly only buy OPI) then you can use my code E2034 at the checkout at and receive a free gift when you spend over £10/12Euros/$15!

Hope everyone is well!

Love love and nailstickerlove!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. pretty! that tea rose polish looks soo nice

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  3. Such a sweet manicure the stickers look really good x

  4. Aww,, it looks so cute!

  5. Very cute! Are those hard to put on? Do you have to use tweezers or any special tools?

  6. Those stickers are very pretty. I've never thought about layering nail varnish but petite polish looks lovely over tea rose x

  7. I think this looks really cute. I love the nail polish colour. xxx

  8. Love the nails. A video idea could be doing an updated what's in my purse video? Since it's summer time/going into fall that would be great! :)

  9. These are soo cute! Love the eyeko polishes as well! Check out my blog if you have some free time :)

    Jenn xx