Sunday, 29 August 2010

So Ling, where are all these videos you keep promising us??

(Long post warning...)

Sorry guys... things are way busy here. I'm currently at my parents house but my laptop and both my cameras are at my flat in Southwest London (yep, I moved!!) and so I haven't filmed anything this weekend. We still don't have net at our flat yet (I'm sharing
with two other girls - you might get to meet one of them! the other is shy about being on camera XD) so even if I had made a video, I wouldn't be able to upload it :(
I have planned various tutorials and some reviews (maybe? wow. I haven't reviewed a product in a looooooong time) and also this months faves (Toffee's Top Ten).

But for now, if you don't mind playing along with my excuses and checking out some rubbish iPhone piccies, then be my guest and enjoy my little post for today!

A cute outfit I LOVE! FYI that's not my room :P I'm not THAT tidy!

I've totally been loving the blue and pink French manis lately!
Top: Eyeko Rain Polish and Eyeko Punk Polish on the tips
Bottom: O.P.I. Nail Lacquer in Dim Sum Plum and Eyeko Rain Polish on the tips

This was me this morning around 7am! I was up bright and early to hop along to a carbooty sale with my father after we had dropped mother to work! My eyes look a bit puffy from little sleep and I have no lip product on.

This is a dress I found in this little boutique store called Oxygen in The Peacocks Centre in Woking. It was the only dress I liked from my little shopping trip and I didn't buy it! LOL

So finally got my hands on this little gemstone! A 7 day sample of Lancôme Teint Miracle liquid foundation in shade number 3.

It was quite late (about 4.40pm and Boot's was closing at 5) but I managed to ask one of the Boots assistants to help me! No Lancôme counter ladies were working today, not in Debenham's either! But nevermind!

The SA wasn't sure what she was doing (she seemed quite young and new at the job) so she let me look at the four shades and guesstimate my own shade and test it with a cotton bud. Which was fine, since I knew what I was doing. I tried shade 1 first, but that was too light and then I picked out shade 3 to try and it matched perfectly. Shade 2 seemed a bit too pink toned!

So the SA filled up the teeny tiny glass bottle of shade 3 for me to wonder home with, and it was happy days! She even gave me back my voucher! Mother is going to take it in with her tomorrow to get a sample for herself :P

The bottle is very cute, but I wasn't sure if it would last the whole 7 days. However, it was free and from Lancôme, so I didn't kick up a fuss.

Here is a nice little dollop of the stuff, which I took from my bottle which actually comes with a little plastic paddle thing inside the lid. Almost like a spatula thingy :P (I forgot to take a pic, sorry!)

I spread the dollop out (blended a little too) and to my amazement, there was a LOT of product! Let me tell you, that little dollop probably could've done one of my cheeks! Maybe there is hope for this little sample after all!

It blends out beautifully, covers well (from what I can tell since my hand doesn't have any blemishes on it...) and has this really nice scent! Possibly perfumed? But it's not an over-powering scent and it seems gentle enough that it wouldn't harm sensitive skin. Maybe it's just there to cover up the nasty chemically smell?

All in all, I would urge you to get one yourself to give it a go! I got my voucher from their Facebook site and all I had to do was fill in a simple form and print off my voucher at the end! The bottle is super cute and made of glass! So if all else fails with the product, you could just reuse the bottle for holidays and travelling! I have high hopes for this foundation. I feel I may be on the cusp of my new favourite base... I'll try to keep you posted :P

Okay, so whilst I've got you, I was tagged! It's the 'this or that' tag which I had actually not come across until today when two sweet girls (Jenny and Claire) tagged me! Jenny told me via my Twitter feed and if you ever want to know what's going on with me, I'm there. On Twitter. Constantly. Well, almost ;) Anywhere I have an internet connection! And I'm not unconscious...

Basically, the tag is to answer questions in each category asking which you'd rather use/have! These are my answers:

blusher or bronzer
lately, I've been a bronzer girl
lip gloss or lip stick
stick for day, gloss for night!
eye liner or mascara
easy! mascara :) people seem to think my eyes are lined anyway...
foundation or concealer
I find that my foundation covers pretty much everything anyway
neutral or colour eye shadow
colour! I love to change up my look and I've been favouring light pinks lately. They really bring a sparkle to the eyes :)
pressed or loose eye shadow
I think pressed is always easier, but there is major fun in loose pigments!
brushes or sponges
Brushes, hands down.

opi or china glaze
It HAS to be O.P.I. I own two China Glaze polishes because they were on sale in my local Sally's and I never felt such disappointment with any other polish... O.P.I. rocks!!!!
long or short
Long, but not too long! One should be able to type with relative speed! We'd all be sat in front of our computers for hours if not! Oh wait... I DO sit in front of my computer for hours...
acrylic or natural
brights or darks
Brights, but I do like darks occasionally :)

perfume or body splash
Perf. Hardly use body splash since I growed up!
lotion or body butter
I think body butter, but I don't really moisturise my body... I know! Such a bad influence XD
body wash or soap
Body wash because soap totally dries out my skin and leaves it feeling super ICKY!
lush or other bath company
Well, I use my Lush Snow Fairy shower gel practically everyday, but I love my The Body Shop stuff that I use on my face... so its a tie?

jeans or sweat pants
For fashion, it's jeans of course but sweat pants (or joggers as my friends like to call them) are SUPER comfy for lounging around or working out!
long sleeve or short
Both? It's starting to get cold around the UK again and I've pulled out a few long sleeve shirts to wear.
dresses or skirts
Dresses!!!! There's nothing like putting on a dress! I always feel so dressed up :P DRESSed up! Get it?? Haha... shut up, Ling. You're not funny. And now you're talking to yourself. Let's hope no one's reading this bit...
stripes or plaid
ummm plaid! I don't own a lot of stripy items. There was a big craze over stripy clothes a few years back and I really disliked it.
flip flops or sandals
Sandals because flip flips hurt my feet... I can't deal with that bit that goes in between the toes. Major owwie!
scarves or hats
Scarves! gosh those things take me through winter and back again! hats just don't really suit me.
studs or dangly earrings
Studs are my go-to and I do have loads of pairs of those, but dangly are so elegant and (for me) only used when I need to feel extra special!
necklaces or bracelets
That's tough. I think I would remember to pick a bracelet before a necklace though!
heels or flat
Heels! This girl needs all the height she can get! Although flats are much more practical and comfortable (most times!).
cowboy boots or riding boots
Um, cowboy? I don't really own a pair of either but I think cowboy ones are more stylish? Is that right? Err... moving on...
jacket or hoodie
Jacket, but I do have a ton of hoodies! Same situation with the jeans/sweat pants conundrum!

curly or straight
Straight, but only because that's my natural hair. I love my hair curly too!!
bun or ponytail
Ponytail, unless I'm doing ballet, in which case I'll whip up my amazing bun skills! (Click me for a ballet bun video hair tutorial)
bobby pins or butterfly clips
Er... kirby grips?
hair spray or gel
Spray! But I don't mind gel :) Gel and I have had a good long standing relationship!
long or short
Long!!! I had short hair once (insert bad picture of me aged 12 or 13) and I hated it! Couldn't wait to have long again.
light or dark
Dark! I'd look so weird with light hair!
side swept bangs or full bangs
Side swept fringe
up or down
Down, most of the time. It looks profess when its up though!

rain or shine
Shine! I really dislike rain... it gets all up in my face!!!
summer or winter
Summer. I like to feel the warmth on my skin and the vitamin D soaking up in my veins!
autumn or spring
Spring. I was born at the end of Spring and I love seeing all the little baby aminals! (Haha yeah sometimes I say it like that - aminals!)
chocolate or vanilla
Oooh vanilla. I've always found chocolate (on it's own) not sweet enough for me.

And now, I have to tag some cute girlies!

I think 5 is enough, eh?

If you made it this far, congratulations!!!!!! And, I love you :) <3

Love love and BIGBIGlove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. I like that dress on you! You should of gotten it. waking up early, your face still shine it's natural beauty =]

  2. Lovely outfits!!

    Hope you come back to YT soon!

  3. Awww I love the colours on your nails. Especially the purpley/blue combination. And that sample bottle looks brilliant, especially the amount of product you used with the result you got.

  4. That second dress is so pretty! Thanks for tagging me x

  5. Both of those outfits are really cute, especially the first dress! :)