Monday, 13 September 2010

RAWRRRR # Illamasqua store opening!

Hello everyone!

I am writing a very heavy pictured post today. I hope you don't mind! But if you do, tough :P It's my blog, haha!! Nah, I love you all whether you read or just glance at the piccies! <3 style="color: rgb(153, 51, 153);" href="">MinaUK and tried on a few dresses!
I adore this dress! They also have in in black with the beige lace on top which is also adorable, but they grey really contrasts against my hair. Unfortunately, this one was in the wholesale range so I couldn't buy it! It's rather pricey at £65 but it is a classic that I'd be using for years! I might have to purchase it online :P
Also tried on a couple of other dresses but I didn't like them enough to consider a purchase. This one was uber cute even though I'm not a green person!

On one very fine Saturday, I was so lucky to be invited to the brand new and first Illamasqua store opening! I was running late, but it wasn't hard to find at all! It's at 20 Beak St, London W1F 9RE, which is just off Regent Street, so very central indeed!

This is the floor!!! Isn't it just uh-maze-zingggg?
A few of the counters were glittery too! I can't wait to go back :P

I love their slogan "Make-up for your alter ego" and the smashed up mirrors all over the store.

There were also hands dotted around the store and some had some very interesting nails...
They were also launching their new collection "Art of Darkness" which is GORGEOUS! I love they way they laid out the products in the store and it was just beautiful :)
Doesn't this just look like powdered diamonds?? I was so happy to receive the brown looking one (although its is almost like gold dust!) which is called Ore!

They let us play with the products in the store but a lot of us were fascinated by Alex Box's creation that she was transforming right in front of our eyes!

It went from this...
to this!
The forehead pattern reminded me of B'leana from Star Trek: Voyager :P But maybe that was because I was watching it before I ran out the door...

(source: Google!)

And here's a beautiful shot of Milly and I! She has an awesome blog which I think you'd love, if you like my blogs so go check her out when you're done with me :P Just click her lovely little name there!
So you want some swatches of the new collection, do ya?
Here is a beautiful hand from Leanne, showing off the three liquid metals and two pigments.
And their weird squarcle packaging which is so unique! How glittery is are the pigments, Ling?
THIS glittery!!!

And this beautiful model is Milly, showing us the two new colours of nail polish that have been released with the collection :) I really want the red one! It looks so perfect for the party season!

After the event, I grabbed some food at Pret a Manger with Sarah and Carly, who are both lovely girls! We had a bit of time so took a tiny shopping trip to Topshop (then Carly left us) and Sarah and I popped to H&M. I actually found a few pieces there but I have no piccies just yet... they'll probably go in a video and I might get some posed shots on here if I'm feeling creative :D

Anyway, I bought some stackable rings in Topshop, which I currently LOVE!
Just realised that I forgot/lost already my pearl one (its gold)! I found it a bit weird that there was one silver one...

I'm wearing this combo right now, and I think I wouldn't wear any without the dove/MOP Twitter bird :P
It's a symbol of how much I love Twitter :P And as a not-so-sneaky promotion for myself, FOLLOW ME HERE!!!! ;)

I wore this combo yesterday.
You have to admit that without my lovely bird (we need to name it! suggestions in the comments please ^_^) the stackable rings do look lovely too.
With the bird though, I can't wear three because it pushes the rings up my finger and that really annoys me. I'm not very used to wearing rings yet as they were always annoying and never really fit me. Still the same, but oh well! Fashion comes at a price I guess :P

And as a final picture segment, this is my hair style which I have been favouring everyday for a long while now :) Sorry about the blurred photo...

Super sleek straight hair with a cute little plait swept to the side and pinned back, with some kirby grips!

Today I added a cute little bow grip!

So one final final thing, I actually made a video! I would love for you to check it out if you haven't already so here it is:

And I'm going to leave you with a song that I'm totally obsessed with right now!
Collide by Howie Day

Love love and update(?)love!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. That top dress is sooooo beautiful! I love it!
    Looks like a really fun night :) x

  2. Hello, how’s it going? Great blog! Love Heels??

    You should definitely check out my new shoe design BlogSpot! All my designs are hand-drawn too! I saw that you’re from the UK-So am I; I live in Leicester how about you?

    I am hoping that my illustrations will help me further my career in the industry! Take care x

  3. I love the glittery floor and the smashed-up mirrors. That glittery make-up you got given as well looks lovely too. Love the name of it as well. xxx

  4. Both of the dresses are so cute/beautiful! I love all the nail polish colors(I just got back in the habit of painting my nails!). Also, the glittery floor looked like stars to me at first! Hahahaha ^-^