Monday, 27 September 2010

+# New Shosies!!! #+

Well, if you follow me on Twitter, then you'll know I went shopping on Sunday!
I spent the day in Guildford with my mother and I found the most comfy, sexy, hot shoe-boots ever!!!!
They were in M&S of all places! I never really go in there, but my mother loves it there and she wanted me to see some shoes she picked out for her wedding outfit but needed my opinion first. Turns out, they weren't in the Guildford M&S branch, but I did stumble across these beauts!
Seriously, M&S was the first store we hit (as we had to walk through it anyway to get to the other street) and I was thinking about them the whole time!
See them online here.
Don't you think my modelling is awesome though? I think they make my legs look so much better than they actually are!!!
I got really grumpy when I was being dressed in this pink/purple psychedelic monster which did not suit my figure at all! (This was actually in Debenhams near the end of our trip)
Wow, my leg is going dead and I'm not interesting at all today...
Things are a bit weird atm :( in general life... but shoes make it better :D
EDIT: I wrote this post yesterday, but life is definitely looking up today!
I got the black ones (as you can see in the pics, but they also do a shroomy-grey)
Mother helped me model them in store! Haha, she said she'd be borrowing them! Love having the same size feet! Means I can steal hers too :P
Some random pics that I'm just unloading from my iPhone:
(spied a Hummer!)
(got me this for one little squid at LFWE - it's frikkin' HUGE!)
(would love to recreate this sometime!)
(This is a car battery!)
Love love and shoelove!!
Toffee xXxXx