Saturday, 18 September 2010

= Day out with my beautiful housies! $

EEEEE! The bee in my title is super cute :P

So took a little day out with my gorgeous housemates today. We went shopping (on a budget) and had some lunchies in the wonderful town that is Kingston!

It was such a nice day to spend with them and it didn't rain! Hooray!!

So first place we went to was Primark. I don't normally buy things there, but I do realise that because its so cheap, I end up just picking something up everytime I do enter their store... I got a plain super-light black compact umbrella (because I lost my cute white one with pink stars all over it!) and a set of two pairs of plain black gloves. These weren't really worth photographing, even just using my iPhone. I'm sure you can imagine!

I also managed to pick some these cute black suede turned down studded boots for £15! I got my housemate (Viv) to model them for me :P

I also got this faux gold necklace with a little owl on it, which my other housemate helped me name Wol (which is owl but typo-ed!).
I know I'm a little bit late jumping on the owl band-wagon, but hey, I don't follow trends quickly ever!

Also, I skipped along to The Body Shop and picked up a few little essentials - Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner, Nutriganics Smoothing Night Cream (which the SA looked at me weirdly for buying it LOL as its for smoothing wrinkles, but remember guys, prevention is better than cure), Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion with SPF15 and Soft Hands Kind Heart Hand Cream.
I got a new Love Your Body card too, since mine had expired!
I love the new design :)

Had a browse around H&M, Zara and New Look but nothing took my fancy today. Also, spent moolah on getting a TV license today :P

We also hopped into a fabric store to pick up some material to make cushions, so I got some ribbon to make some cheer bows to wear when I go watch competitions. Both my housemates are cheerleaders :)

Well, that was short! How weird for me...

Maybe I'll just show my face because I'm vain like that :P
And then here's me showing off my rings LOL (and my sparkles on my nails!)

And here is a sneaky pic I took of my housemate (Viv) and I in Claire's trying on the hallowe'en stuff before we got told off :P

And here are our OOTDs!

Well, that was fun! Time to start dinner, methinks!

Love love and dayoutlove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. Lovely Body Shop goodies, I also have the card and I love the discount :)


  2. I really like the shoes :)

  3. oh my gosh...this is really weird...I was in Starbucks in the Bentalls 3 weeks ago and I could swear the girl at the table next to me was you. I was like..omg...I know her from you-tube! lol Now you mention Kingston!

  4. Haha, I love the last photo. I'm really looking forward to Halloween.

  5. Those booties are super cute!! :) I want!

  6. ahh you went to kingston?!
    i live there now cos of uni and wish i bumped into you :(
    i'm Shu from youtube and friends with Helen :) x

  7. <3 your blog, quick question, do you know anywhere in kingston where there's an eyeko stall? :) xx
    Follow mee?
    izzy xx