Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Mini Update & Tag!!


Okay so first of all, just to say that my giveaway will be sorted out soon, but I am leaving it open for now as I still haven't decided on the prizes. BAD LING. Anyway, you can still enter here if you like!

I'm currently in the process of moving house! Moving to London town so will be nice to be back into lively action again!

So the reason for this post is that I was tagged twice and I need to do it! Once by Vicky (vanity-fashionista) and once by Helen (cherrychan108) who are both lovely girls who I follow regularly :)

The Rules:
~ answer all 8 questions given by the tagger
~ make up 8 of your own questions
~ tag some people to answer your questions

Vicky's Questions:
1. Twitter or Facebook?
Twitter... it's the first thing I check on my phone because its so addictive and instant! But I couldn't give up Facebook... too many friends I can't contact otherwise!
2. Tea, coffee or hot chocolate?
Hands down hot chocolate! But tea is definitely second and coffee last (bleurgh!) unless its a white chocolate mocha in which case it beats tea! And white hot chocolate beat everything! Sugar > caffeine anytime!
3. iPhone or Blackberry?
I'm in iPhone girl. I don't really know how to work Blackberries and I love my 2G despite it being super slow! It's so indestructible being aluminium! Dropped numerous times and never smashed :D
4. Words or Pictures?
Tried to answer this last time and even though pictures are so cute and you can stare at them all day etc and they're worth 1000 words, 1000 words is MUCH better :D I fall in love with song lyrics and you can be left thinking the same phrase all the time! Also its so much easier to pass messages through words. Although, communicating with pictures would be cool (like cartoons?) and great for language barriers... all in all, WORDS!
5. Cinema or DVD?
DVD - you can pause, adjust volume, move about, lie down (if you want to), come back to it later and watch in bed :P Cinema is fun on occasion too!
6. Still or Sparkling water?
STILL. I dislike fizzy drinks.
7. Toy Story 2 or Toy Story 3?
Toy Story 3 ^^
8. Windows laptop or Apple Macbook?
Windows laptop! I love my Dell (Molly) and even though she's breaking, she's the best thing that happened to my online presence! Without her, I would not have a YT channel :)

Helen's Questions:
1: What's your earliest memory?
My family took a trip to Scotland because my dad was working there and my brother told me about the Loch Ness Monster. Bad times for Ling as I get very easily scared and I was very impressionable as a little girl (I still am rather impressionable...). So we drove up to Loch Ness where there is a huge statue of Nessie, a MONSTER, and of course, being scared of something that could eat me, I'm crying. No one knew why so my dad put me on the car bonnet (stood up) and took a picture of me crying. (The car is parked next to the statue) We still have this picture somewhere in the house :P
2: What's the meaning to life?
Live to reproduce? Not sure. I dunno. Have fun, I guess!
3: What would you do if you found out that the sky was actually pink all this time?
Make sure everything else was the 'right' colour too and then you know, rejoice because I like pink! And when the sky actually is pink (from the sun) its gorgeous!
4: Little Black Dress or Little White Dress?
This is a toughie for me! Because I have dark features, I love wearing white dresses! They make me feel so summery but I have to go with the LBD. Works with every occassion, any time and any where!
5: Who's concert are you dying to go to next?
No ones? I'm not a big concert go-er so I think I'll stay home and make videos instead!
6: I'm a genie and I grant you a wish, what shall it be?
The best video making equipment in the world and time to make videos!
7: Cosmopolitan or Glamour Magazine?
Glamour :)
8: What's your worst habit?
Probably being an annoying person. Being a little sister, it comes with the territory but it's not only my siblings that I can annoy...

My Questions:
1. What's your opinion on Hello Kitty?
2. Newton or Darwin, and reason?
3. Gold jewellery or silver?
4. When was the last time you used a desktop computer that wasn't at work?
5. Have you ever been on the Southern Hemisphere (south of the equator)?
6. Peanut butter, jelly or ice-cream?
7. Butterflies or flowers?
8. What's your good deed of the week?

Beautiful Bloggers that I'm tagging:
2. Claire (fashion teller)
3. Sophie (sophie rose)
4. Carla (missrandomesss)
5. Carly (millmo7)
6. Gemma (gemsmaquillage)
7. Zoe (zoella)

If you want me to answer my questions too, just ask :)

Early in the morning, just as the day is dawning, Pat feels he's a really happy man. Everybody knows his bright, red van. All his friends will smile as they wave to greet him. Maybe, you can never be sure, they'll be knocks *knock knock*, rings *doorbell*, letters through your door :)

Amazing song.

Love love and taglove!
Toffee xXxXx