Thursday, 9 May 2013

Five Pretty Perfumes

When I was an avid video maker, I had some requests to do a video on my perfume collection. That may happen in due course, but today I decided to pick my favourite bottles to show you. 

Purely aesthetic looks, I chose these five bottles because of how pretty they are. 

Lacoste Touch of Pink

This is the first branded perfume I ever owned so it has some sentimental value to me. I saw the fun adverts of the girl chasing the kite and I fell in love. Pink is pretty and I hadn't even smelt the scent before. I was given it as a birthday present years ago and it still sits gorgeous with my jewellery. I love how the liquid itself is clear but the bottle fades up from a bright pink. 

Juicy Couture Original

This bottle always feels so luxurious in my hands - probably it's the most expensive perfume I own! The logo, the crystal look lid and the detachable necklace wrapped around the lid neck makes this a beautiful bottle. My mum bought me this in New York on Valentine's Day. It was on offer and came in a set with body wash and body lotion too and I still keep it in the box set as I can't bear to let it gather dust in the open. I've wanted to like the other Juicy Couture perfumes, but honestly, nothing beats the original scent. 

Christian Dior Miss Dior Cherie Eau de Toilette

Now, I do believe the name of this has now changed to just Miss Dior. I love the light pink stained liquid and how cute it looks on my dressing table. The bow on the lid neck just adds to the complete girly-ness of this bottle and the Dior brand just brings up the luxury factor. 

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck

I never thought I would buy a celebrity perfume, but then I fell for TS. That's right, I am a confessed Swifty and I love how she was involved in every aspect of its creation. The blue holographic glass with the gold features and how detailed the lid is a gorgeous creation that I'm sure most people would be proud of. She's made another perfume since this one called Wonderstruck Enchanted and is actually very similar looking. It comes in a dark pink/red bottle and the charms are different but I need it. If only the charms were a bit smaller (less spiky) and detachable, I could wear it as a bracelet! 

Nina Ricci Nina Fantasy

I spotted this on a counter in Debenhams and I instantly fell for how cute the bottle was. I don't think the apple-style bottle is unique but the patterns are adorable and instead of a strip of card for a scent sample, they had little flip books of a girl and her dog, just like the bottle/box. Every time you flipped through, the scent was fanned at you and it scooped you up into the fantasy world. 

The pink being cute, the white being pure and innocent and the gold being luxury. There are three leaves coming from the lid neck and on one, the Nina Ricci name is embossed. It's rather discreet (although I believe it sits the same on her other perfumes) and you wouldn't notice it at first glance. I love how there is no other writing on the bottle and inside the box, there's a concertina of cute scenarios the girl has adventured to. 

This is definitely my favourite pretty perfume bottle :)

What's your favourite perfume bottle?

Love love and prettyperfumelove!!
Toffee xXxXx

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