Sunday, 2 June 2013

Birthday OOTD!

Here is my birthday outfit of the day: 

Still broken, I had to spend the day with my leg cast on. At least being grey, it goes with almost everything!

Luckily, as it always is on my birthday, it was beautifully warm and sunny. 

This floral print skater dress (the white patent belt came with it) was a present from my work colleagues from AX Paris. They also got me a cute white clutch from New Look to go with it but being in a cast and crutches, it didn't really work for me. 

I love the colours and I think it suits me well - it also comes in a black background print. 

You can't see, but to keep myself warm (just in case as you can't tell with the British weather), I wore a white cardigan from Hollister which has lace frills on the front. And then layered on top, my coral blazer from H&M keeping it smart and casj :)

And here is my birthday face. 

This is a breakdown of a Mercedes F1 car - we visited the Mercesdes-Benz World. 

And of course, this was my birthday present*!! A beautiful new SLK <3 p="">

*I wish...

I think I need to find a clearer place to take outfit pictures...

Love love and outfitlove!!
Toffee xXxXx

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  1. nice cool plastercast boot but it's pity i can not to see your toes can you more pictures to upload with your toes out please greetings with love from lieven xo.