Sunday, 9 June 2013

Yellow and Purple Gradient with patterns NOTD

(that cut on my middle finger was from paper and it frickking hurt!!)

I am loving gradient nails at the moment!
I chose to do a yellow to purple gradient this time as I thought the contrast would be quite nice as they are opposites on the colour spectrum. I began with 2 layers of Topshop Nails in Bees Knees and then sponged on Barry M Nail Paint in Bright Purple. I found that you have to put a line of the base colour on the sponge too to help the gradient blend better. 

I added two layers of a fine glitter polish to blend the stippled polish on the nails and also to give it sparkle! I knew I didn't want the black polish to have any glitter on it, so I put glitter on before I drew the patterns. 

INM Out The Door is an amazing top coat. Honestly, I prefer it to Seche Vite now. It's quite liquid but then dries to a gorgeous smooth finish :)

I love sunny UK because it gives me amazing pictures like this one! 

My thumbnail is supposed to be a butterfly wing design - I actually wanted to do it for all my nails but I don't think it turned out that well so I decided to do some different patterns. 

My favourite nail is the rose on my ring finger - it reminds me of beauty and the beast :)

Which is your favourite design?

Love love and naillove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. I think that the butterfly wing is cute, it's my fave one... is it difficult to do? I always wonder it!
    wooow but that top coat is huge! O_o

    1. It's not hard but you do need a striper polish or a striper brush for the lines. I don't think it came out as well as I hoped though.

      I think my top coat is a industrial size! Haha