Sunday, 23 June 2013

Gold glitter swipe gradient tips

I recently found some old nail pics and one of them really inspired me to bring back glitter tips. 

I did these silver glitter gradient tips when I was preparing for the Olympics Closing Ceremony as they matched my silver costume. 

Wanting to do something similar, I chose gold, mainly to match my new bunny ring, but also because gold works with most colours. Being me, I wanted to use a different glitter as an accent nail too so I chose pink because I love it. 

I began with a base coat and then use three layers of Barry M Nail Paint in Nude to build up the opacity. 

I left this on for a day, after applying a layer of INM Out The Door top coat, to make sure it was solid. 

I used two glitters to make the sparkle tips on each nail. I sponged the first glitter polish (gold - OPI Bring on the Bling and pink - Nails Inc Chelsea Square) onto just the tips covering the white bit and then brought the sponge up to the outer edge to form a swipe effect.

~ Barry M Nude ~ OPI Bring on the Bling ~ Models Own Disco Inferno ~ Nails Inc Chelsea Square ~ Models Own Hot Stuff ~

After this had dried, I used the second bigger chunkier glitter to build up the colours and jewel effect. 

For the pink I used Models Own Hot Stuff and for the gold I used Models Own Disco Inferno.

Coating the nail in a few layers of INM Out The Door top coat, I could still feel sharp bits from the chunkier glitter. So I filed these down using a fine nail file and then used a thin layer of 17 Double Gloss Top Coat.

And here is a blurry glitter shot:

I'm falling in love with chunky glitter again this summer :)

Are you a fan of glitter tips?

Love love and naillove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. this looks sooooo amazing i love glitter nail varnish and this is such a good way of using it

    1. Thanks :) just placing glitter on the tips of nails is a great way to add sparkle but still looking classy :P