Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Hi, my name is Ling... #

And I stole this post from Laura! (her blog here)

Never in my life have I been hairless! Or to the Southern hemisphere... I always use the hemisphere thing when I've been made to play "I never..." XD

The one person who can drive me nuts is my father! He can be such a hypocrite! I do love him so though!

High school was a great time for me! I went to an all girls school and I made some amazing friends there. I miss it dearly, when school was just something we had to do.

When I’m nervous rashes break out on me. I have one forming on my torso currently because of stress possibly. Cheer competition this weekend and my Cunningham technique (a contemporary dance style) exam tomorrow...

The last song I listened to was Canned Heat by Jamiroquai! (I spelled his name right without looking! Yay me!)

If I were to get married right now my maid of honour would be Fran :)

My hair is not washed! Well, since Sunday :P (it's currently 1am Wed)

When I was 5 I was taken to Disneyland Paris for my birthday!! It was AWESOME!

Last Christmas I gave you my heart! I also received a bracelet :)

I should be sleeping as I have a practical exam in 8 hours... oh deary me!

The happiest recent event was spending a spontaneous weekend with a best friend and her lovely sister :D

By this time next year I will have an occupation and be earning full-time.

There’s this girl I know that is beautiful. She is you.

I like you when you listen to Capital FM radio with me :)

The world could do without violence.

Most recent thing I’ve bought myself is a red velvet cupcake from The Hummingbird Bakery in South Kensington! Mmm delish!!

Most recent thing someone else bought me is a Green & Black's Butterscotch Milk Chocolate Easter Egg!

My middle name is non-existant!

The animals I would like to see flying besides birds are humans? Oh wait, we already do! (In planes!)

Once, at a bar I worked in, they didn't give me a break. So the next day I took double the time and I got told off for it!

Last night I was reading Breaking Dawn!

There’s this guy I know who is turning 22 today! He has a day full of cheer and dance! Lucky him :)

Tomorrow I am going to go buy some things from the MAC Give Me Liberty of London collection! And then get on a minibus to Telford!

Tonight I am writing this post instead of thinking/panicking about my exam :P

My birthday is soon!

Love love and Linglove!!
Toffee xXxXx

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  1. Good luck on your exam! I have seen your cheerleading videos on YouTube, they are freakin awesome!! :D
    Best wishes x

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