Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Urban Decay - Alice Palette!

I know I should have blogged about this forever ago, but as I said busy times for me :(

Anyway, I thought I'd share my photos with you. It's nothing special but you can request looks with the colours if you like!!

The shadows are all renamed replicas from the two previous Books of Shadows so you can purchase the shadows not in this Alice packaging.

It's adorable though!

As of now, I still have yet to touch them, even swatch them!! Haha!!
(above is with flash, below without)

I've never owned any UD shadows before and I'm very excited to finally have them :)

Anyway, do you have this palette?? What are you favourite shades?

Love love and Alicelove!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. All the shades are gorgeous! Please do some colorful looks with the shadows! An Alice look that you could wear everyday would be amazing!

  2. i love the box I agree it is so cute. I dont know why but absolem jumps out at me I love the shade

  3. i own 3 UD pallets, and as much as this pallet is sooo cute i just cant justify buyin this too

  4. ha ha, you know what? I've had mine for a month now and still haven't had time to open it properly or play around - the shame!!! :)

  5. What a beautiful palette!!!!

  6. Wow all my blogger friends have this pallete! It looks all so nice!

  7. i wish i had this palette, but i cannot buy it here in europe -__- there is simply no UD here T-T randomly bumped into your youtube videos and then got here :DD love how you always smile so brightly in your videos *hihi*

  8. that palette looks so cute! ♥

  9. i wanted this soo bad. :( but i felt like wouldn't need it or use it! but ahh.. i still want it because of you posting it! hahah

  10. Hi Toffee
    what shops can you buy this from?
    I really want one :)